Built for Your Organization's Document Needs

Pydio Cells is an open-core, self-hosted Document Sharing, Collaboration and Management platform specifically designed for organizations that need advanced document sharing and collaboration without security trade-offs or compliance issues.

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Cells Takes Care of Everyone

From IT, to compliance, to the folks on the front lines, Pydio Cells is designed to serve the whole organization
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Designed for Teams

Document Sharing and Collaboration Simplified and Accelerated

Secured for Organizations

Secure Enterprise Document Sharing

Optimized for IT

Rapid Deployment, Low Maintenance, Highly Capable
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Collaborate Efficiently

Is that the latest version? Does Nathalie have access? Can you email this to Pat to review?

Work together in real-time on all common document formats directly in your browser, using Collabora Online Office Suite or OnlyOffice. 

Create your own collaboration spaces. Invite people to join, and share documents between them. Realtime chat right in Pydio no need for side channels or DM software.
All with almost zero learning curve.

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Centralize Document Access

Where’s that document again? What directory is that in? Which server is that on?

Centralize your files in easy-to-organize Workspaces and Cells then access your data from any device.

Share files and folders securely with internal or external collaborators in just a few clicks.

Cells’ intuitive interfaces work exactly like you think they should - making the transition easy for all users

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Designed for Security

Is this doc secure? Who has access to these files? Who’s looked at these files?

Safe and simple authentication based with almost any enterprise SSO via OpenID Connect.

Define and assign access rules per user or groups, based on IP addresses, location, time, and more.

Allow users the exact granularity of control they need on their content.

Monitor access and sharing activities with our powerful Admin Dashboard & Analytics.

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Compliance Compliant

Is this GDPR compliant? Can you contact IT, we need usage logs? How do we create an audit report?

Easily track sensitive data accesses with audit and reporting tools.
Comply with GDPR, PIPEDA, HIPAA, and other data protection regulations with our enterprise data management features.

Quickly and easily analyze relevant data with GDPR-compliant logs (separated from system logs).

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Streamline Repetitive Tasks with Cells Flows

Did you run the backup this week? Have you purged all the old files recently? Have you reviewed all the incoming files?

Pydio Cells Flows is a powerful new tool that lets you assemble customizable components via a drag and drop interface to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks that are a drag on productivity and your bottom line. 

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Serious Scalability. Seriously Fast.

Scalability isn’t just trendy IT jargon.

It’s a core requirement for systems in today’s digital business world. With more documents, bigger docs, new document sources and services, today’s enterprise client needs new levels of speed, flexibility and scalability to go with the security that Cells already provides.

Cells 4.0’s new simplified core works in single-node as well as complex multi-node configurations – all the way from Raspberry Pi to Kubernetes clusters. Learn more.

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And More...

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Brand your Pydio

Customize Pydio to your own visual identity to increase the brand experience of your customers and partners. Let your users feel like home

Granular Permission Control

Control the permissions with many variables. Your users can see, edit and share only what you allow them.

Metadata, tagging, annotations

Fexible metadata system provides files tagging, user comments feed on each document or folder, as well as image and video annotations.

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* Some features are only available in Pydio Cells Enterprise Distribution, please contact us for more information

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