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Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.3.0

Created on 2023/10/10
This new release brings many improvements, both under the hood and for the end users.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.2.7

Created on 2023/09/18
Pydio Cells 4.2.7 fixes a minor issue in the Search Engine when using specific metadata types.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.2.6

Created on 2023/09/11
Pydio Cells 4.2.6 includes many interesting improvements, as well as a traditional batch of bug fixes.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.2.5

Created on 2023/07/13
Pydio Cells 4.2.5 is a bugfixes and improvements release for Cells 4.2

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.2.3

Created on 2023/06/25
Pydio Cells 4.2.3 is a bugfixes release for Cells 4.2

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.2.2

Created on 2023/06/12
Pydio Cells 4.2.2 is a bugfixes release for Cells 4.2

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.2.1

Created on 2023/05/22
Pydio Cells 4.2.1 is a bugfixes and security release for Cells 4.2.0. The upgrade is highly recommended. Use 4.1.4 if still on the 4.1 branch.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.2.0

Created on 2023/05/08
Pydio Cells 4.2 brings an all-new Material Design-driven look and feel, advanced sharing features, powerful new Flows automations, a new Android app, and even our first NLP-powered feature.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.1.3

Created on 2023/05/08
Cells v4 is a major leap forward for clustered deployments. Release 4.1.3 is a security release.

Pydio Cells Enterprise 3.0.12

Created on 2023/05/08
Release 3.0.12 is a security release. It is the very last patch provided for v3 branch, time to upgrade to v4!