Administrator Guides

A must-read for getting started with Pydio: installation instructions, Pydio management concepts (workspaces, users, roles) and most used features.

Knowledge Base

This section contains one-page articles browsing a wide-range of subjects, like installation on a specific OS, security advices, running as a service...


Short questions, quick answers!
All the basic troubleshooting for Pydio Cells and Pydio 8 accessible on one page.

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API References

Pydio Cells and Pydio 8 APIs allow you to easily interact with the software for provisioning users, managing files, etc. They are documented in the Open API format, providing an easy way to generate clients in any language.

Developer Guide

Interested in digging Cells' code to contribute or fix issues you have discovered? Our code is open source and released on Github. A good start for understanding the architecture is to read the Developer Guide.

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Want to contribute?

You found and fixed a serious issue, or just want to contribute your killer plugin? Great! Go to Contribute to follow our contribution guidelines.

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