Pydio 6 beta1 (5.3.3) - Dev Release

Created on 2014/09/21
Pydio 6 beta1 (5.3.3) - Dev Release This is a development release, but it is already pretty stable, and hopefully next one will be final. Upgrading is available on dev channel from both last dev release (5.3.2) and stable v5.2.3: upgrading from v5.2.3 stable should be done in a staging environment only, but would it be helpful to test it and report us feedbacks about migration process.

Pydio 5.3.2 - Development Release

Created on 2014/08/04
Pydio 5.3.2 - Dev Release This is a development release, installation is not recommended on production environment. It is released for the purpose of testing new features, more specifically a brand new theme with a superb UI, and sharing deeply reworked. Major changes : Orbit Theme: massive UX/UI rework. Split "Welcome" page from Dashboard, accessible by clicking on Pydio logo Massive refactoring of shares to store them in DB instead of data/public/ folder (follow-up from 5.3.1) Uploaders: user can choose a different uploader on the fly Diaporama: show low-res photo version CAS Authentication: full rewrite, including ability to handle a ProxyTicket for further mounting operation Massive italian and german translations, by DepaMarco and Matsimon

Pydio 5.3.1 - Development Release

Created on 2014/06/22
Pydio 5.3.1 This release is a development release: it is not meant to be deployed in production, unless you know what you are doing. Important changes : Up-to-date index and change feed of all workspaces operations: used by the new python sync client (alpha version to be released very soon). Split auth plugins into auth backends and auth frontends. Frontends can be checked one after another until a credential is detected (ssh-like). Created a "Keystore" based auth frontend for simplify REST api login Enable URL routing between workspaces (backbone-based) Many API enhancements Refactoring of shares to store them in DB instead of /data/public/ php files. Convergence of minisites and public links, ability to choose a layout template. Scalability reworked when tons of users and tons of workspace

Pydio Android Client 1.3-1

Created on 2014/04/08
Pydio Android Client 1.3-1 Major changes : Fix single file move (was broken by new "Multiple selection" feature). Fix download transfers queue

Pydio core 5.2.3

Created on 2014/03/20
Pydio core 5.2.3 This is a security & bugfix release, upgrade is recommended. See changelog below.

Pydio core 5.2.2

Created on 2014/02/22
Pydio core 5.2.2 This is a security & bugfix release, upgrade is recommended. See changelog below.

Pydio Android Client 1.3

Created on 2014/02/10
Pydio Client updated to version 1.3 Major changes: Security PIN-code protection Multiple selection for mass-download / copy / move / delete Download folders as Zip (depends on the server config) Fix external SD Card access for upload.

Pydio core 5.2.1

Created on 2014/02/07
Pydio 5.2.1 This is a minor release, fixing issues introduced in last major stable 5.2.0, upgrade is recommended and should be straightforward.

Pydio Sync 0.8.4 for Win, Mac & Linux

Created on 2014/01/28
Almost one year after the previous version, tons of energy and sweat put into the Pydio server and mobile apps, we are very glad to announce today a new release of the Pydio Sync client. Although still considered beta, this version should be much more stable than the previous one. Please massively test and report issues! Of course, make always sure to backup your data on a regular basis. The application was highly optimized to be able to handle tons of files without crashing. It still requires Java 6 or Java 7 to be installed on the client desktop. We are working parallely on a new app written in Python for an easier deployment.

Android Client v1.0 now on Android Market

Created on 2014/01/24
Android Client v1.0 now on Android Market I'm glad to announce the very first release of the Android Client for AjaXplorer! Developed using the native language of Android platform (Java), it brings the best of both world (Ajaxplorer server and android device) at your finger tips, to help you enjoy your files everywhere. The details features are described below, it's already almost as complete as its iOS alter-ego.