Pydio Core 6.4.0 - Sharing, UX, Performances

Created on 2016/03/29
Pydio 6.4.0 is a stable release introducing many important new features: federated sharing, UX transitioning to Material Design, Cache Service generalized, and many more exciting improvements!

PydioSync 1.2.0 - Performances & Bugfixes

Created on 2016/03/15
This stable release of our synchronization client introduces many improvements: better performances for high number of files, fixes on encoding issues on MacOS, many more configurations available to the user, and many small bugfixes.

Pydio Core 6.3.1 - Development Release

Created on 2016/03/11
Pydio 6.3.1 is a development release introducing many important new features. As its name implies, it is NOT production-ready yet. However, the more you help us testing and you report issues, the quicker we will be able to transform it into a stable 6.4.

PydioSync 1.0.4 - Mac OSX Integration

Created on 2016/01/21
This is a stable release for PydioSync, our desktop sync applications. Most noticeable change is the deep-os integration for Mac OSX (overlay icon and right-click for Share in Finder). But also brings many improvements and bug fixes.

Pydio Core 6.2.2 - Bugfixes Release

Created on 2016/01/20
Pydio Core 6.2.2 is a bugfix and performances release. It improves compatibility of plugins on the major 6.2 branch.

CMS Bridges v4.0.3 released

Created on 2016/01/20
This version fixes an issue with very last updates of Joomla 3.7 +

How we improved Pydio performances using

In this article, we describe how we drastically improved Pydio performances using, a really cool PHP profiling tool.

Pydio 6.2.1 / New Linux Repositories

Created on 2015/12/09
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Pydio Core 6.2.1 and Pydio Enterprise Distribution 6.2.1. This fixes some minor compatibility issues mostly on "non-standard" plugins following the previous major release 6.2.0.