Pydio 2023 Highlights and a Sneak Peek at 2024

Created on 2024/01/18

Happy New Year from the Pydio team! 

First things first, thank you for being part of the Pydio family and trusting Cells with your document sharing and collaboration.

2024 is off to a fast start, but we wanted to take a minute to look at some important milestones that made Pydio Cells more capable, more scalable and more usable in 2023. We also wanted to give you a sneak peek at some exciting developments coming your way in 2024.

2023 Highlights: Pydio Cells Evolution

2023 is the year Cells v4, our flagship product, really hit its stride with evolutions like:

  • Massive UX update: Applied the latest Material Design guidelines but also added a touch of glamour! You can learn more about our UX updates here.

  • New advanced sharing features: Elevating collaboration, we integrated "sharing status" directly into the search engine, introduced new public link direct download access, and even allowed you to serve custom minisites via a public link

  • Android app revamp: Our Android App got a complete makeover from the bottom up! With Kotlin language adoption, Dark/Light theme support, and improvements in overall stability, your mobile experience just got even better.

  • All Flows, all the time: 2023 was definitely the year of the Cells Flows automation tool, with customers building 100s of new automation flows. To make it all work better, we fully reworked UX with clear and consistent modes (synthetic vs. details). We focused on usability and modularity and introduced new tools for processing structured data (pipelining), generating/modifying PDFs, DOCX, and more, with JavaScript support replacing hard-to-maintain Anko Scripting.

  • All this plus literally hundreds of incremental improvements, crucial updates,  and even the occasional bug fix (nobody is perfect), including the adoption of GO21, the latest version of GoLang for enhanced security.

Much, much more in ‘24

As the beginning of the AI age, 2023 was filled with exciting news about LLMs and how they would impact the way we work. 

We took our time in ‘23 to take a deep dive into the world of LLMs to make sure we picked the right tools and approaches to bring the power of AI to Cells without compromising your data privacy or security. Most emerging/promising approaches for interacting with LLMs are based on “agent-oriented frameworks” (you’ve probably heard of LangChain or LlamaIndex), and Flows’ agent-oriented architecture makes it a perfect tool to integrate the power of LLMs to Cells.


We’ll be launching our first LLM-powered features in beta near the end of Q1, so get ready for tools that allow you to chat with your documents, supercharge search queries, classify and tag documents, create document summaries and more—off-the-shelf and fully customizable to your unique needs.

Thank you for helping make Cells (and Pydio) a big success in ‘23, and we can't wait to continue this journey with you in ‘24! If you haven’t migrated to Cells V4, maybe now is the time. You can get in touch with us here.

Looking forward to an amazing year ahead!

Best Regards,

Charles du Jeu

CEO, Pydio

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