Pydio 8 Introduces A New User Experience

Created on 2017/05/16

Pydio 8 features a host of new features and significant UX improvements dedicated to helping companies secure their data.

EasyTransfer - Drag&Share.png

Simple Sharing - EasyTransfer

Pydio 8 includes EasyTransfer, a new, intuitive “upload-and-share” web interface for organisations in need of a very simple sharing tool. EasyTransfer allows users to instantly share all types of documents with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

This gives organisations an out-of-the-box, web-based tool for internal and external file sharing and collaboration, while maintaining data security, ownership, rights-based access and complete control.

Pydio 8 New UI2.png

Fully Redesigned Interfaces

Continuing to build on the platform’s smooth and efficient design, Pydio 8 has a fully rewritten web interface, based on Google’s Material Design principles. Thanks to the use of advanced web technologies, the new user interface is even more intuitive and comfortable for end users.

In addition, the rewrite dramatically simplifies the ability to rebrand the Pydio user-interface. Included in the Enterprise Distribution, the new “Vanitizer” tool brings a consistent management of colors, images and backgrounds allowing corporate users to easily white-label Pydio as their own, branded file sharing solution.

tracking link screen.jpg

Share Tracking & Activity Reports

Pydio 8 provides end users with the ability to track all documents they have shared through a new monitoring tool:

  • It is now possible to send a single link to many different people and track exactly who accessed it.
  • A new dashboard presents key figures for each workspace, showing how many files are shared, with how many people, etc.
  • On the admin side, auditing the platform’s activity is easier and quicker, thanks to the new Shares Explorer functionality, allowing fast and easy creation of activity reports based on shared files, users, workspaces, etc.

These features give users and admins a complete overview to quickly spot and address mistakes or anomalies.

Address Book_0.png

Efficient Address-Book and Teams Management

The overhaul of the Address-Book design and functionality now allows end users to create designated teams in order to share certain data with only a specific group of people.

User-generated teams offer granular role-based controls, with the ability to share files in one click, and to easily update team roles and participants: automatically applying new roles to existing shared content.

Community Admin Dashboard1_0.png

Enriched and Optimized Admin UX

The administration dashboard within the Community Distribution has been given a complete overhaul, reaffirming Pydio’s commitment to offer a full, workable open source solution for businesses and larger scale users.

Other admin improvements in Pydio 8 include: a new feature for easily and quickly importing user information in a simple CSV format; Federated Sharing across distributed instances, as well as a powerful new Parameters Search Engine incorporated into the Enterprise Distribution: allowing Admins to instantly find or discover any required parameter.

About Pydio

Pydio is the world’s largest Open Source file sharing and synchronization focused project for the enterprise. Pydio is a founder's owned company. The Pydio Project delivers a sustainable balance between enterprise customers needs and Open-Source collaborative spirit. Sold in 25 countries, from Cupertino to Singapore, Pydio is used by leading brands such as Nikon, Ion Geophysical, and Guitar Center. Pydio also serves education and government clients such as Cambridge University (UK) and ADEME (France). It currently has over one million downloads.

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