Pydio Enterprise 7.0.2 - Bug Fixes

Created on 2016/11/23
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Pydio 7 is a full overhaul of the PHP code, raising the standards, improving performances and making the platform more modular than ever. We also introduce a new separate tool called Pydio Booster, written in Go, removing php limits and easing the deployment of WebSockets.

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Pydio Enterprise 7.0.2 is a small bugfix release for blocking issues of pydio 7. 

Update Note: in-app upgrade and linux packages are available. For linux packages if you are using MySQL/MariaDB, make sure to manually upgrade your database using script located at

  • Fix command line automatic comma-split, let it enabled only for -i and -r options, otherwise it can break some commands. (details)
  • Update current stable version (details)
  • Use a dedicated mbParseUrl() function instead of parse_url that may fail with utf-8 on some specific installs (inc. macos) (details)
  • Fix issue #1259: Zip on-the-fly option creates 0-sized empty files (apache compatibility) (details)
  • Users and groups deletion: use UsersService and RolesService instead of deleting directly in db to fix caching issues. (details)
  • Fix roles assignment when updating user groupPath (details)
  • JS UI: handle Prompt exception and dialog. (details)
  • New Middleware WorkspaceAuthRequired catches specific exception, sends JS prompt message and re-initialize request when form is submitted. (details)
  • changed invalid link to developer guide to v7 developer guide (details)
  • Reorganize MemorySafe. Add a context identifier to handle multiple credential sources. For storing when passed via ENV CLi. (details)
  • Tplus / Tminus were moved to subfolder. Fix #1255 (details)
  • Change docs editors orders. Fix #1264 (details)
  • Fix ChainCache declaring PatternClearable although subacaches may not have this feature. Fix #1265 (details)
  • Make sure to save repoId in session when loading minisite, can make some issues if shared user have other workspaces accesses. (details)
  • Sets a default provider for TaskService otherwise top-level errors of command line are not visible to task status. (details)
  • Fix slug issues - Fix #1273 (details)
  • Prevent enabling cache at install if apc/apcu is not enabled. Should fix #1261 (details)
  • Make sure to recompute readonly flag if current context has a permission mask, by using hook. (details)
  • Change icon for dwg files, use cube. Fix #1230 (details)
  • Do not post "change" notifications or alerts when just copying a file to another workspace. Fix #1274 (details)
  • Silently ignore register channel on non-readable repository. Avoid sending events on write-only repositories, see #1256 (details)
  • Dav impl childExists function is highly inefficient, replace by a simple call to is_file on childnode. (details)
  • And WorkspaceAuthRequired instead of simple exception (details)
  • Fix meta.git download/preview. Fix #1275 (details)
  • Fix Shared Files download, the associated method is no more switchAction but downloadAction. Fix #1276 (details)
  • Use file_exists instead of is_file (details)
  • CLI and task_id passed : make sure to update status by default, for actions that do not implement specific tasks management. Otherwise scheduler will show "Starting action.... " and nothing more. (details)
  • Missing context in cleanUserShares() could create an error on user deletion. Close #1279 (details)
  • Fix mbParseUrl if preg_replace returns null. (details)
  • Catch deleteById() exceptions in ElasticSearch (details)
  • Remote download was broken. Fix #1281 (details)
  • Auth.multi : when looking for shared users only, skip master driver. Auth.ldap : fix users count caching per baseGroup. (details)
  • Fix CSS on share dialog title. (details)
  • Add user if not in indexed URL. (details)
  • Meta.git: make sure to apply node.change after revert operation. (details)
  • Fix counting user on ldap (details)
  • Missing curly brace (details)
  • Fix Imap & EML plugins - Warning php7 requires Mail_mimeDecode 1.5.6 - Fix #1282 (details)
  • Fix #1288 (details)
  • Rewire ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS configs - Fix #1283 (details)
  • Fix SMB access driver and custom smbclient path. Close #1290 (details)
  • Fix zip operation when child drivers are remote (inc. smb) - Fix #1287 Fix base detection for archive (details)
  • Auth.ldap: add starttsl support. See #1248, should fix it. (details)
  • Manual merge of #1292 (put encoding call directly inside win-dedicated function. (details)
  • Update trigger as mysql automatically pads varchars when comparing, creating a content instead of path in some case (trailing spaces). See #1253 (details)
  • i18n new prompt exception mechanism (details)
  • RolesManager loading role data : Make sure to remove invalid repos on error from shared repositories list. (details)
  • Initiate release note and dist resources for 7.0.2 (details)
  • 7.0.2 : rename extensions.conf file. (details)
  • Fixing webdav dir php7, caching and guzzle version compat issue (details)
  • Enabling empty file creation via Guzzle (details)
  • Optionally convert to ASCII//TRANSLIT the search term. Close #1243 (details)
  • Removing double encoding to fix 1252 (details)
  • Fix IMAP access driver that was failing if cache was enabled. (details)
  • resolveAddress: check userExists before validateEmail(), otherwise a user with email-like ID will not have his real address taken into account. Close #1286 (details)
  • Handle Minisite + Lock case - Fix #1278 (details)
  • Access.smb: throw WorkspaceAuthRequired if no credentials found and anonymous connection is not allowed. (details)
  • Previous commit seems not necessary (details)
  • Finally keep the WorkspaceAuthRequired throw from Smb. Test for empty credentials when testing workspace. Modal: fix overlay not present (prevents prompt opening). (details)
  • Document the //TRANSLIT support in Zip Encoding field. See #1252 (details)
  • Fix drag'n'drop on leaf nodes (cause of possible "Empty Response" error at upload). (details)
  • Make sure to never call getId() on null user. (details)
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