Pydio Enterprise 7.0.3 - Bug Fixes

Created on 2016/12/13
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Pydio 7 is a full overhaul of the PHP code, raising the standards, improving performances and making the platform more modular than ever. We also introduce a new separate tool called Pydio Booster, written in Go, removing php limits and easing the deployment of WebSockets.

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Pydio Enterprise 7.0.3 is a bugfix release for Pydio 7. Below is a complete changelog.

Update Note: in-app upgrade and linux packages are available. No upgrade need for SQL database.

  • Update last build (details)
  • Build a version tar.gz with noemptydirs (details)
  • Simple modif to release note for testing builds with noemptydirs (details)
  • Fix test workspace in public links (repository has encoded credentials option) (details)
  • Typo in hasNumericKeys detection was still breaking the numeric logins case for meta watch. (details)
  • Fix multi auth with numeric logins (details)
  • getWrapperClassName: make sure to exit if current registry does not have any active access plugin. (details)
  • Put -moz-user-select key after the others to make sure it's taken. Was breaking Ctrl+C on recent Firefox versions. (details)
  • Fix share alerts overriding one another (details)
  • Fix restore (details)
  • Change how RO or WO permission overwrites existing RW permission. (details)
  • Call fflush in createEmptyFile to make sure FTP wrapper is working. (details)
  • Should fix #1300 (details)
  • Fixing admin key for the pydio booster so that a user id is always associated to it (details)
  • Use TextResponse objects - Fix #1308 (plus other similar occurrences) (details)
  • Fix specific urlencoding issues on webdav. (details)
  • Fix specific cases in PThumb (details)
  • Fix get instance ID base on plugin option and roles (details)
  • Fix #1306 - moving file cross workspace (details)
  • Fixing non initialized message (details)
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