Pydio Enterprise 8.0.2 - Bugfixes

Created on 2017/12/13
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Bugfix for Pydio Enterprise Distribution 8.

Most noticeable changes

  • Php7.1 support : Ioncube-encoded files in the previous versions were preventing the upgrade to php7.1. Files are now encoded with the latest ioncube encoder version. If you upgrade your PHP version, make sure to upgrade the Ioncube Loaders as well.
  • Password Policy plugin: require a specific set of complexity rules for your users passwords
  • Bookmark List is back! it was missing since the rewrite of Pydio 8 interface.
  • And many bug fixes, see below.

Full changelog

  • Fix ldap mapping attribute to roles (details)
  • Update version to 8.0.1 (details)
  • Fixing a remote stream function (details)
  • Adding ability to re-generate refresh token if expired (details)
  • Missing hook for filter_boot.conf (details)
  • Previous vpath adapter is replaced by use_path_style_endpoint in client config (for custom url) (details)
  • Make sure action.cart will mount its react component by default. (details)
  • Clean manifest from old actions (details)
  • Disable background copy if not using session api, seems to break sync client in some case. (details)
  • Fix test before create new alias class (details)
  • Fix set context for object (details)
  • Fix test key "type" if it exists (details)
  • Fix test key "type" if it exists (details)
  • Fix migration public link with password (details)
  • Fix collabora on smb + session credential workspace (details)
  • Fix collabora on smb + session credential workspace (details)
  • Fix collabora on smb + session credential workspace (details)
  • Updated Korean translation (details)
  • Missing comma in Korean i18n file was added (details)
  • Fix remember me feature (details)
  • Fix upload dialog width when there are few uploaders - Close #1384 (details)
  • Fix #1376 (details)
  • Replace Pear dependency to Mail_mimeDecode to Composer library. Should remove problematic plugin dependency, see #1385 (details)
  • Force redirecting to https version of Pixlr - See #1371 (details)
  • Php doc fix (details)
  • False negtive on OB detection (details)
  • Fix #1393 (details)
  • Typo in forbidden (details)
  • Typo (details)
  • Fix postgresql convert false to "false" (details)
  • Remove fuzzy search and upgrade elastica to 5.3.0 (details)
  • Fix displaying user in sql groups (details)
  • Close session before reading audio file (details)
  • Remove unused img_library and associated images (details)
  • Fix developer doc link - Close #1395 (details)
  • Add support referral binding (details)
  • Implement a default displaymode and default sorting parameter per workspace (details)
  • Fix download resuming (details)
  • Fix #1355 - Use renamed from SOURCE instead of renamed to NODE (details)
  • Remove src attributes (details)
  • Fix api v2 create user (details)
  • Reduce Batch size for delete - Fix usage of PATH parameter in S3 driver - Close #1365 at last ! (details)
  • Avoid some js errors with empty values (details)
  • Forgotten console (details)
  • Fix getS3Service() method (details)
  • Add param for smb option (details)
  • Fix error while index mounted repo (details)
  • Update password fields everywhere to avoid allowing save when not correctly set. (details)
  • Fix Admin create/delete group works only if group id starts with double slash (details)
  • Fix disclaimer dialog (enable scrollBody) (details)
  • Throw an error when trying to restore on an existing file. Close #1368 (details)
  • Fix write-only workspace : wrong response header - do not show activity log. Close #1367 (details)
  • Hack for user specific locks and api access (details)
  • Fix quota not updating on workspace switch (details)
  • Change Accept-Ranges header (details)
  • Start preparing 8.0.2 (details)
  • Plugin Load ClassFile for a given php version if necessary (details)
  • Fix Advanced Search and meta fields, inc. missing Content field. Factorize in AbstractSearchEngineIndexer. Try to fix login window not appearing in some case Fix Quota panel not refreshed (details)
  • New BookmarksList - Meta/Ctrl key support in main files list (close #1351) (details)
  • Forms: lower onChange trigger timeout to avoid field blinking (details)
  • Fix field validation (details)


Upgrading is done via the in-app upgrader or YUM on Centos7 systems. For in-app upgrade, if you don't see any available package, make sure that the update channel is set to "Stable".

See Pydio 8 Release Note to learn more about the major version.


  • Pydio Enterprise 8.0.2 - Zip Archive [Authentication Required] - No Arch : Téléchargement
  • Pydio Enterprise 8.0.2 - Tgz Archive [Authentication Required] - No Arch : Téléchargement
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