Pydio Enterprise 8.2.0 - Php 7.2 support and bugfixes

Created on 2018/05/24
Release Type: 

This is a bugfix and security release for Pydio Enterprise 8.X, and brings php7.2 support. See the Changelog below for commits details.


  • Update html changelog(details)
  • Missing hook for filter_boot.conf (details)
  • add locations that should be denied (details)
  • fixing german translation (details)
  • Fix filter accessible files before adding to zip (details)
  • fix sync view between public share and original (details)
  • fix list task in public share (details)
  • Always open upload panel in minisite as background tasks panel is not inserted (details)
  • Fix js request for resource without attaching cookie (details)
  • Fix trim user id (details)
  • Fix workspace word (details)
  • Fix video.js version (details)
  • Fix global quota (details)
  • PHP7.2 fixes (details)
  • Read latest_note url from server data instead of passing url as parameter (details)
  • Fix FF right click menu - Close #1411 (details)
  • Use Html2Text to transform html to text in emails (cf PR #1310) (details)
  • Better exception catching or it can break webdav upload. Close #1413 - Track count() usages for php7.2 (details)
  • Update phpseclib to fix create_function call (details)
  • each() function is deprecated (details)



Upgrading is done via the in-app upgrader or yum/apt-get on linux systems. For in-app upgrade, if you don't see any available package, make sure that the update channel is set to "Stable".

See Pydio 8 Release Note to learn more about the major version.


  • Pydio Enterprise 8.2.0 - Zip Archive [auth required] - No Arch : Téléchargement
  • Pydio Enterprise 8.2.0 - Tgz Archive [auth required] - No Arch : Téléchargement
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