Android Client v1.0 now on Android Market

Created on 2014/01/24
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I'm glad to announce the very first release of the Android Client for AjaXplorer! Developed using the native language of Android platform (Java), it brings the best of both world (Ajaxplorer server and android device) at your finger tips, to help you enjoy your files everywhere. The details features are described below, it's already almost as complete as its iOS alter-ego.

  • Login with your standard AjaXplorer login and get direct access to your repositories. Authentification already supports Basic Http as well as self-signed SSL certificates.
  • Preview image files using the built-in previewer (that will use lightweight thumbnails generated by AjaXplorer when possible).
  • Select media from your device library and upload directly to the server. We also recommend installing OI FileManager to be able to pick any file on your SDCard for uploading to the server.
  • Stream audio / video to your iPhone (server version must be greater than 3.4 for this, otherwise the file be downloaded first before viewing).
  • Edit textual files inside the application and save them back to the server
  • Open any file types with external applications installed on your device
  • And of course, perform standard file actions like moving items accross folders, deleting them, or creating new folders.

See the new dedicated page on the website for more info : A special thanks to Daniel Lentz who helped debugging this first version and provided the Swedish translation. If you are interested in translating the application in your own language, please write to android (at) ajaxplorer (dot) info.

Like the iPhone/iPad application, it is not free as the rest of the platform, but I'm sure that any AjaXplorer happy user can understand why. This very first release will probably see upgrades coming in the forthcoming weeks, after passing the crash test of being installed on an awful lot of different devices, so please be patient, and do not hesitate to report problems.

[Edit] The first feedbacks seemed to indicate that the application were not working with AjaXplorer 3.2.4 (but ok with 4.0.x), nor with self-signed certificate. The package is already uptodate on the market, so this should be fixed. For the very early downloaders, you should be able to update on the Android Market[/Edit]

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