Pydio Cells 1.0.1 - Home & Enterprise editions

Created on 2018/06/19
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This is a bugfixes and security release.  Most noticeable changes are listed below:

  • Configurations versioning
  • SQL queries use a dedicated builder for proper escaping
  • Frontend code optimizations for performances
  • Ability to use JWT as an S3 api key for better compatibility with existing s3 clients
  • Fix Refresh Token management in OpenID Connect server with additional configurations options 
  • ... and many more fixes (see below)

Upgrade is easily done either by using the in-app update tool (make sure to use the Stable channel) or by downloading and replacing binary. Necessary migrations will be applied on next restart.

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Full Changelog

Binary Changelog

  • #64fd96d: Configs hot-reload for update and mailer services
  • #c9200cd: log level
  • #a7c3a5d: Additional non-interactive flag --no_ssl to avoid enabling self_signed automatically.
  • #fbfa02b: Fix multiple roots with datasource root Change default datasource for cells (=> cellsdata) or it creates a confusion with cells template path.
  • #24acff2: Validate datasource configuration
  • #d3bf0a6: Artificially deregister running service when fork is down. Logs : store error as msg.
  • #2a7fc63: Forking pydio.grpc.tasks by default
  • #0643f89: Adding ability to fork a process via config
  • #69b1961: Clean comments
  • #bb73cf7: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
  • #33efada: Make sure to filter recycle
  • #8d0ba57: Fix name in clean directive
  • #09b1204: Fix bug with users listing
  • #147db3b: Update default policies and add upgrade instruction accordingly.
  • #3817893: Mute errors on 404 in rest.meta service
  • #890e7bf: Ensure that the database version supports the charset properly
  • #ed010d2: Fix typo in error management that raises panic
  • #51b2c28: Version configs - New commands ./cells config versions to list, cat, diff and restore a given version.
  • #f69b5e1: dexSql dao: do not prepare stmts at init
  • #e79d3ba: Verify token against multiple clientIds
  • #fad3b5b: Rework refresh tokens revocations
  • #b71423e: Update coreos to fix multiple session - Still todo : prune expired tokens.
  • #09165c8: Php class RepositoriesManager renamed to WorkspacesManager
  • #1225cfe: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
  • #8837e79: Enable changes service
  • #784c830: Fix a few comments
  • #7df3b30: Fixing dependencies for install services
  • #6b5939b: log Case
  • #181260a: Remove a couple of info logs
  • #251b52d: Never send empty node
  • #58712d9: Fix archive handler w. nil
  • #825a728: Enhance error message when request is blocked
  • #ec2dd88: Change log level
  • #ee74336: Do not send empty node
  • #e9cb76d: Rework changes service
  • #6884325: Adapt rest-list for admin side
  • #da477ac: Fix BindUser Rest API
  • #9c85e07: Fix migration : customize migrate functions to handle prefix when loading applied migrations from db.
  • #f0f9f84: Finish up goqu migration
  • #8a9f982: Migrate ACLs to goqu - Move mysql adapter import in common
  • #0b20c15: Migrate users to goqu
  • #00289dd: Impl querybuilder for roles
  • #26527d7: Goqu should have a k
  • #01da219: Fix test
  • #7c4fa0f: Fix query builder
  • #384668c: Migrate workspace query builder to goQu
  • #cb0f808: Missing goku adapter for tests - try again
  • #e570311: Missing goku adapter for tests
  • #96e0b80: fix limit/offset default value in sql query builder
  • #ad2a41e: fix limit/offset default value in sql query builder
  • #dd90366: fix limit/offset default value in sql query builder
  • #42ee4cf: added goqu SQL query builder
  • #e7afbdf: Update
  • #3906336: Validate that tag before license does not break travis build.
  • #a647c30: Change format of the license header to make linter (and travis) happy
  • #4bb300a: Add license, code cleaning
  • #b03c349: Use standard mechanism to disable broken tests
  • #bac7a84: Remove test from automatic builds
  • #a6cbb8a: Fix re-enable test
  • #ac9dde8: Fix disabled test
  • #0562414: Fix tests
  • #d76f533: Work on timeout issue
  • #0effb00: Fix typo in comment
  • #af840db: Changes after documentation
  • #c8cd2b7: Changing network mode
  • #06721f5: Changing order for quicker rebuild
  • #8c7b5d1: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
  • #7e35d58: Test image has changed for wget_test
  • #fe675b1: Latest dockerfile version
  • #5012ac4: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
  • #02fb7ba: Remove unused script
  • #d42219d: Dockerizing it up
  • #f114511: Update dependencies and a new command ./cells deps to list dependencies.

Frontend Changelog

  • #e0cf32e: Add ogg to the list of supported audio formats
  • #347f3c1: Add missing resource
  • #07f2790: Order lists
  • #7c435fd: Fix style of parent node in details mode
  • #21fc087: Add validation steps on datasources
  • #8fe28be: Rework LogTable and DataSources list
  • #6dd081a: JS: Normalize file name at upload
  • #3614a69: Add a flag telling that jwt can be used as s3 api key
  • #229f3ed: Add a node->exists() before stat
  • #ee6bd1b: Fix jwt action for rest access
  • #eba5c38: Remove clearcache, not useful
  • #1942631: Try upgrading aws-sdk version
  • #0940581: Add composer clearcache
  • #901db28: Hunt down is_file / file_exists calls - Use s3 multipart upload after chunk upload Remove Case Sensitive setting for logins
  • #5d5b982: Use Nonce as a refresh token session identifier
  • #050180c: Use IdmWorkspace attributes to manage a sync permission on workspaces.
  • #71d8e38: Cherry picks from pydio-core (php 7.2 support, FF right-click issue)
  • #9daf7d5: Fix partial_upload using a temporary location for now.
  • #dc3302c: Silently destroy_session if needed. Fix changes api.
  • #7af7475: Update api
  • #d281b16: Quick rework of user editor
  • #7a58bb7: Wire SharesList by users
  • #3222120: Fix ShareViews for FF and empty basename


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