Pydio Cells 4.0.0 Release Candidate (rc6)

Created on 2022/10/06
Release Type: 

This is a new Release Candidate for v4.

See previous release candidate RC5 for information about v4 major changes.

This sprint was focused on cleaning the new APIs, cluster deployment glitches and fixing various bugs.

  • API: handle new path parameters vs. body parameters constraints implied by OpenAPI updates
  • Checks and warning on "public" address usage : finally use loopback as default for binding grpc and other internal services
  • Fix various users creations glitches (CLI)
  • Refactoring: clean use of deprecated ioutil package, refactor sync lib for better context/error handling
  • [Cluster] Recheck or implement TLS support on all external dependencies (mysql, etcd, nats, redis, mongo)
  • [Cluster] Fix Queue mechanism in Nats broker
  • [Cluster] Update docker-compose to use a dedicated minio node for storage
  • ARM64 : Now publishing ARM builds for releases


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