Pydio Cells & Enterprise 2.1 + Hotfixes

Created on 2020/06/29
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Cells v2.1 is an important milestone  with a lot of attention put into performances, an Authentication module rewritten to get rid of networking configuration issues, and a revamped Cells Console.

Upgrade - Important note

Upgrading is done by replacing the binary with the latest version (via the in-app tool or manually). Some important notes:

  • Changes are applied to both the data model and  the configurations, thus reverting to an earlier version is not an easy task.
  • During the first restart, database schema changes will apply and may take some time depending on index size. A second restart may be required if a datasource seems stuck or unavailable.
  • AWS S3 datasources have been improved  by getting rid of the ".pydio" hidden files and use AWS 0-bytes keys instead. This format change is applied automatically during the first indexation, and this can take some time as well.

We strongly encourage you to backup your instance and run the upgrade on a staging environment first, or at least to warn users that there could be a short downtime (if you need to restart the service a couple of times).


Main User Interface

  • Rewrite of the Uploader UX - Fix inconsistencies in the start/pause/resume interactions
  • New activity on metadata updated and on new comments
  • Rework Bookmark and Activity panels
  • New action button on Workspaces and Cells to directly bookmark or watch a whole workspace.
  • Show exact Byte size when hovering human readable size in file info
  • Fixed case-sensitivity limitation on user/group search

Admin Dashboard

  • Brand new look-n-feel, better menu organization
  • Unified pagination, sorting and actions on tables, applied to all dashboards, added quick search on most dashboards
  • Better log display, rework search engine to add various criteria, focus on a result and show +/-5 minutes logs
  • Indexed logs including nano time for better sorting
  • ListWorkspaces API optimization (bulk load graph dependencies)
  • [Enterprise] Tech-preview for Admin Pages Delegation (contact us)
  • [Enterprise] Tech-preview for Scheduler Jobs Editor (contact us)


Storage & Performances

  • Massive   gain in speed for  all listings and move/rename operations. For large datasources ( > 100k files), performances was improved by almost a factor of 10. We recommend using sharding ( = splitting files across many datasources) if your files number is in that order of magnitude or higher. 
  • A  set of advanced options for managing ETags in datasources have been introduced to further improve performances
  • S3-compatible storages : send stats in concurrency to speed up indexation, ability to use a S3-only setup at install time, rework S3 gateway to avoid creating .pydio and use amazon-like empty objects instead of  folders.
  • A new setup mode creates a full-S3 layout directly during installation.
  • Ability to create a folder directly on the file system from the the datasource editor
  • [ED] New audit report:  dynamically explore storage usage to identify who is eating up the space.

Authentication, Services, APIs

  • Full rewrite of the authentication module that greatly simplifies network flows (no more calls to external URL). This will ease setup with reverse proxies, and we shall be able to ship multi-binding feature shortly in a future version.
  • Better error statuses on Rest API (detect lower-level code, special case for 503)
  • Special value "unique" for --exclude and --tags parameters to exclude or start services that are declared as unique
  • Fixed WebDAV double auth request
  • Automatically restart forks if necessary
  • New optional flag to access nats statistics on a dedicated HTTP endpoint



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