Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.2.6

Created on 2023/09/11
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This feature release includes many interesting improvements, as well as a traditional batch of bug fixes.


Files and Metadata

  • Metadata Grouping: User metadata fields can now be grouped into categories and subcategories, which can improve the display when defining a large number of them.
  • Memory Footprint Improvement: The memory footprint has been significantly improved during the synchronization of large structured data sources (-25% memory usage).
  • Mounted FS Datasource: A new environment variable has been added to allow cross-mounting of data sources. This is not recommended for production use, but it can be useful for temporarily importing data.

Cells Flows

  • Import/Export Flows: Flows can now be imported and exported by directly uploading and downloading JSON files.
  • New "Logging" Action: A new "logging" action has been added to Cells Flows, which provides advanced options such as audit logging and metrics.
  • Improve GoTemplate/Anko Playground: Save edited values locally - Updated sprig library for GoTemplates functions.
  • Glitches in the display of queries in Cells Flows have been fixed.
  • Multiple selectors stacked on one action in Cells Flows have been fixed.

Command Line

  • New command to capture structured datasource sides: A new CLI command has been added to capture both sides of a structured data source (S3 storage vs. SQL index) in a BoltDB or JSON format. This can be helpful for debugging synchronization issues.
  • New command to change user login: A new CLI command has been added to change a user's login. This change will be applied to all services that use logins as keys internally.
  • Improved profiling output folder names: The names of the profiling output folders have been improved.


  • GRPC Broker: The GRPC Broker no longer federates all subscribers into a single stream. Instead, it creates a separate stream for each subscription. Although it opens a bit more connections between processes, this change fixes the "stream stuck after 30s" error.
  • Unclosed Stream: The unclosed stream in the NodesClient library has been fixed (PostNodesChanges).
  • The hard-coded "1-hour" timeout in the resync action has been removed.
  • Quota: The cache has been shortened and the i18n explanation string has been fixed.
  • Material Table: The multi-selection mode has been fixed.
  • Users Service: A possibly ignored error in the update user transaction has been fixed.
  • A possible race condition would show an error while deleting a public link (although correctly removed)
  • Mailer: fixed a button display issue in Win10+Outlook App

Upgrade Now

The upgrade is simply done using the in-app tool.

If you do not know about Cells 4.2 new interface and new features, you should read more here.


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