Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.3.0

Created on 2023/10/10
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This new release brings many improvements, both under the hood and for the end users.

Public Links Direct Download

Accessing programmatically to a file shared via a Public Link (as a file or inside a shared folder) was previously sub-optimal, as one had to guess the shared workspace "slug" and create a token to build the download URL. We added a WebDAV layer served at https://yourdomain/public/{unique-hash}/dav/ to provide simpler access.

If the link is fully public, the GET request can be sent as is, with the path to the file, e.g. https://yourdomain/public/{unique-hash}/dav/my-shared-photo.jpg .

If it is password-protected, use a Basic-Authentication header, setting anything as the username, and the link password as the password.

Cells Enterprise Improvements

Cells Flows

Our no-code workflow engine ships many new interesting features, actions, and templates:

  • Persist ACL Action did not correctly report errors
  • Anko ListPolicyGroups function had a filter typo
  • New Template for changing a user identifier inside all services
  • New User Load Permissions action for export/reporting purposes
  • Flow-level parameters now support more field types (same as metadata types), providing richer forms for webhooks.
  • Set Usermeta Action properly update "Tags" fields known values.
  • Webhooks buttons should be disabled if the corresponding job is inactive

Storage Reporting More Accurate

Locally stored DAO (BoltDB/Bleve) correctly reports their disk usage, and this is now aggregated and displayed in the Audit > Storage dashboard.

Minor Fixes

  • The metadata grouping feature introduced in the previous version was improved: groups are supported in the search engine, and groups expand/collapse status is remembered locally in the browser.
  • Fixed various scrolling issues
  • [Ent] SFTP Gateway: failed to download files when using FileZilla client
  • [Ent] Fixed missing audit logs in some places
  • [Ent] Cannot edit "Site" value for native connector
  • [Ent] A clearer message is shown when the license is expired
  • [Ent] Security Policies rules editor had glitches

Welcome, Go 21!

For those who build directly from the source, the binaries are now built using Go 21, and this breaks compatibility with Go19: make sure to update your toolchain! It allowed us to update a couple of dependencies in the meantime, including CaddyServer and QUIC.

Upgrade Now

The upgrade is simply done using the in-app tool.

If you do not know about Cells 4.2 new interface and new features, you should read more here.


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