Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.3.2

Created on 2023/12/23
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This release ships new interesting features, an important upgrade of Cells Flows User Interface, bugfixes and more.
Note that several GO and JS dependencies where updated to include latest security updates.


Serve static sites via Public Link

The webDAV feature introduced in version 4.3 for Public Links (like /public/{link-hash}/dav/) is now even more powerful: we introduce DirectoryListing and DirectoryIndexes feature, similar to Apache or other web servers, for serving a listing or any custom HTML file when browsing a folder. This gives the ability to fully serve an independent static html site, where relative resources (images, css) are loaded with correct content-type from the public link folder.

Note that script execution is fully disabled (using Content-Security-Policy) as this is served on the same domain.

Environment Variables Documentation

All ENV variables that are not bound to command flags are now properly documented in the command line tool.

Below is an extract from ./cells start --help:

  4. Other environment variables (development or advanced fine-tuning)

  - CELLS_DAV_MULTIPART_SIZE (20): Default part size used to automatically chunk DAV uploads, in MB
  - CELLS_DEFAULT_DS_STRUCT (false): Create default datasources using structured format instead of flat
  - CELLS_ENABLE_FORMS_DEVEL (false): Display a basic UX form with all possible fields types in the UX (for React developers)
  - CELLS_ENABLE_LIVEKIT (false): Enable experimental support for video calls in the chat window, using a livekit-server.
  - CELLS_ENABLE_SIMDMD5 (false): Empty is false by default, if set this will switch the md5 hasher to simd implementation
  - CELLS_ENABLE_WIP_LANGUAGES (def): Display partially translated languages in the UX language picker.
  - CELLS_JOBS_LOG_LEVEL (info): Log level used for scheduler jobs - to be used carefully as it may produce a large volume of logs.
  - CELLS_MINIO_STALE_DATA_EXPIRY (48h): Expiration of stale data produced by objects upload parts
  - CELLS_TRACE_FATAL: Better display root cause of process crashes
  - CELLS_WEB_RATE_LIMIT (0): Http API rate-limiter, as a number of token allowed per seconds. 0 means no limit.

Material Design Icons update

The UX now ships the latest Material Design Icons library v7, providing many more icons.

[Enterprise] Cells Flows

  • Full rework of the UX. Much cleared, zoom/move with mouse, two levels of details.
  • New action to schedule an arbitrary flow to run once at a given date/time (reminders!)
  • Simplify concurrent data processing with ability to merge back Rows directly in a dedicated Variable.
  • Clean AutoClean jobs even if not AutoStart.


Other bugfixes and minor improvements

  • Enable alternative md5 hashing mechanism (using minio/md5simd package) for platforms handling huge files.
  • Fixed an issue in WebDAV API when a folder would contain a "._" file
  • WebDAV upload stream converted to multipart was rewritten
  • Better UX checks when creating empty file, new directory or renaming a file
  • Console > Uploaders settings: prevent setting wrong size for multipart size (must be a multiple of 10MB)
  • Console > Uploaders settings: set a 400GB upload size limit by default
  • JS libraries: Updated OpenLayers, momentjs replaced with dayjs, PDF viewer provides a setting to fully disable script execution (although sandboxed by default).
  • New configurations for settings public links base URI (/public) and public dav URI (/public/{linkID}/dav)


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