AjaXplorer 4.3.3 dev : AjaXplorer 5 RC3

Created on 2013/05/01
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Glad to announce the release of AjaXplorer 4.3.3, a final Release Candidate for AjaXplorer 5. "Final" means that although it's still in the dev channel, it's already considered very stable, thus every motivated user should definitely deploy it somewhere and play with it!! We need bug reports to be able to go to v5! Translations are needed as well, use GitHub Pull Requests to provide updated language files.


  • License : Affero GPL
  • Copyright : Charles du Jeu 2013
  • Version number : 4.3.3
  • Download Core : ajaxplorer-core-4.3.3.zip or ajaxplorer-core-4.3.3.tar.gz
  • Install instructions : See the 4-steps installation guide.
  • Upgrade : package available from 4.3.1 to 4.3.3 on the "Developement" channel (see below) .
  • Linux packages are available in the 'testing' channel.
  • Demo : https://demo.pyd.io/
  • Contributor(s) : mattlef, piterdias, ultreia-es, chusopr, sabas
  • Requirement : php5.3 and upper
  • Major changes :
    • Startup Installer : deploy on a database, define admin user credentials, etc.
    • SQLite3 support
    • Lots of bug fixes since 4.3.2, to make it a serious release candidate for AjaXplorer 5
    • New theme customizations options
    • Workspaces now take and display a description
    • Test parameters (SQL connexion, email sender, etc) before saving them.
    • SabreDAV & Dibi updated to latest version

Upgrade from 4.3.1 or from 4.2.3

For those already switched to the dev branch (v4.3.1),  set directly to point 3, others, you have to first switch to "Development" update channel. Please make sure to backup your install before doing this!

  1.  Backup the application files, and make sure the running instance is writeable by the server
  2. Go to the plugins settings, and edit the "action.updater" plugin options : switch to the "Development" channel instead of "Stable". Save.
  3. Click on the "Upgrade" button in the top bar, you should see available 4.3.1 >> 4.3.3 packages.
  4. Start upgrade.
  5. You WILL probably have errors after that, you have to manually kill your session by clearing your browser cookies (and more generally your browser cache).
  6. Also clear the following server folder : data/cache/i18n/*.ser
  7. Refresh the page, you should see the new theme appear.
  8. Check that your various configurations (users/repositories, plugins, etc) are still alive, if not, please report the problem!
  9. Regenerate the data/public/.htaccess file to enable rewrite rule : to do this remove this file and also data/public/grid_t.png (if you're coming from 4.3.1) or data/public/down.png (if coming from 4.2.3), and generate directly a new public link or minisite, to make sure it is recreated by the application (will contain new RewriteRule instructions).
  10. Switching to new core configs system : to migrate from the horrid "bootstrap_plugins.php" file to a more human-friendly GUI for the basic plugins (AUTH, CONF), we introduced a new layer in the configurations management. But to avoid letting you down after upgrade, until the bootstrap_plugins.php file is there, if you try to edit the configs via the Main AjaXplorer Options node in the Settings panel, your edits will not be taken into account. Rename the php file to something else (bootstrap_plugins.php.orig), and this will allow you to configure the AUTH & CORE plugins via the "Authentification Options" and "Configuration Management" panels.

Detailed Changelog

  • Fix resizer conflix
  • Disable MqObserver and NotificationLoader in ajxpMinisite context.
  • Fix sqlite binaries : store_id cannot be null
  • Update hooks.json
  • Startup Tests : add a test for APC extension. Add a client-side test to check that data/cache/ is correctly protected.
  • Change download, chmod and download_chunk positions
  • Fix download counter and new link form
  • Adapt InfoPanel padding when there is a scroller.
  • Set up a description for default repositories
  • Set share links RewriteRule disabled by default
  • Fix Alerts for SQlite
  • Fix history browsers (git & svn). Fix repository description (use creation time and user if they exist)
  • revert commit
  • [access.webdav] Add performChecks function / Better error / update getRealFSReference ( see @dmitrydvorkin PR #50)
  • WebDAV Server : automatically switch to BASIC if detected in headers, and also add a parameter to force BASIC auth (using standard user password in that case). This closes #57
  • AJXP_Node : do not serialize utilitary variables
  • [access.fs] Add a config for using POSIX when checking write permission.
  • [access.fs] Add a config for using POSIX when checking write permission.
  • Fix Safari download : do not use hidden iframe, it fails after the first download.
  • Complete #82 Fix FF20+ error
  • Merge pull request #82 from mattleff/master
  • SQLite : create parent folder during test or installation.
  • Rework accordion
  • Big refactorings to create a first-run installer.
  • Sqlite : add a searchable_repositories field as blob are not searchable.
  • Fix resizing issue with Firefox 20+.
  • Adapt all SQL-based plugins for Sqlite3
  • Tmp fix #78
  • Fix #66
  • Try as much as possible to avoid admin setting wrong config if no SQL connexion is defined.
  • Fix warnings
  • Remove include in Writeability test.
  • Make sure WebDAV triggers the correct events.
  • Remove bootstrap_plugins.php file
  • Delete all alert occurrences at once. Send an instant message to the AJXP_SCOPE_REPOSITORY_ALL Make sure dav.php initialize all plugins
  • Delete all alert occurrences at once. Send an instant message to the AJXP_SCOPE_REPOSITORY_ALL Make sure dav.php initialize all plugins
  • Merge pull request #72 from piterdias/master
  • Last compile
  • Fix ajaxplorer.goTo to other repository Fix notifications list
  • Feed loading : automatically load the wrapper if not already registered. Should be generalized at some point.
  • "Settings" Workspace icons & fixes
  • If necessary, rerun fireSelectionChange just after fireContextChange to avoid intempestive buttons appearing/disappearing
  • AttachMobileScroll is not working if the element does not have an ID. Add a random one. Proto.menu : attachMobileScroll to the container Fix to menu widthes
  • Rework the Workspaces & Notifications Menu, both styling and features. Implement a description field on the repositories. Ability to add label in the menu, defining a separator with a menuTitle option Move switch_to_settings button inside the user menu.
  • PHP Version is now officially 5.3
  • Dismiss alerts from feed
  • Fix Goto in another repository
  • Fix protoMenu click detection
  • Catch WebSocket error
  • Fix get_user_templates_definition
  • Fix #75
  • Transmit ajxpPaneObject to subforms (to propagate replicate_row events)
  • [auth.ldap] Upgrade auth.ldap to define custom parameters mapping and multiple DN's from GUI. Custom params can be mapped to plugin parameter, role ID, group path or profile. [auth.multi] Fix users listing in "user choice" mode [core.notifications] Fix empty result if no notifications returned.
  • Fix problems when many replication group in the same form. Use formManager.observerFormChanges() when possible
  • Merge pull request #70 from ultreia-es/ajaxplorer-core-cas_default_users_filepath
  • Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ajaxplorer/ajaxplorer-core
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
  • Binaries & logos, handle case where it's directly pointing to a plugin folder
  • Upgrade SabreDAV to 1.8.5
  • Fix PHPDoc signature
  • Default value for USERS_FILEPATH in auth.cas plugin.
  • Fix #67 : WebDAV problem in 4.3.2 if only HA1 is set but not PASS.
  • Merge pull request #69 from ultreia-es/ajaxplorer-core-69
  • Fix #53 : update S3 regions
  • Fixed again the #24 (reopened)
  • Issue 69: auth.cas type mismatch for server port parameter
  • Read observer after replication Action.share : load configs from plugin instance
  • Fix disableTextSelection function
  • Pass a title to a tabulator, or use the label and stripTags
  • Do not compute the labels width if current form has 0 width
  • [action.share] Put the background options in a separate group
  • Add an image for the resize_handle
  • Add Resizable class from Cameron Wengert
  • Set up custom attributes for share link page
  • Update logo widget dynamically
  • Send cache headers for binary images
  • Update the toolbar logo from the Gui plugins options
  • Fix media queries
  • getFilteredOption should always take repositoryScope into account
  • Method get_global_binary_param to skip the USER context.
  • SliderInput do not trig an error on click if element does not have descendantOf method
  • Remove default texterea styling
  • Use image types for logos, will break the logo display for the moment.
  • Update README.md
  • Create CONTRIBUTING.md
  • Merge pull request #58 from sabas/master
  • Merge pull request #63 from piterdias/master
  • Add Canon CR2 extension (RAW) to editor.imagick
  • Italian translation update
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