AjaXplorer Core 5.0.1 available

Created on 2013/06/29
Release Type: 

This is a bugfix and security release from v5.0.0. Update is automatic using the in-app upgrade mechanism, and is highly recommended, as this release fixes three potential vulnerabilities. There are also a couple of new improvements:

  • When using the HTML5 uploader, closing the window will carry on the upload in the background, and display a bottom indication of current upload. When using drag'n'drop, you can now point to an existing application folder to upload directly inside this folder.
  • With this same uploader, Google Chrome on Windows and Linux now supports folders upload and  drag'n'drop upload! Unfortunately not yet available on MacOS, as UTF-8 characters get messed up.
  • Important fixes on Jumploader that was broken in v5.0.0 as soon as it partionned file
  • Better handling of SQL errors when misconfiguring the application
  • See detailed changelog below for other fixes.


  • License : Affero GPL
  • Copyright : Charles du Jeu 2013
  • Version number : 5.0.1
  • Download Core : ajaxplorer-core-5.0.1.zip or ajaxplorer-core-5.0.1.tar.gz
  • Linux packages are available in the 'stable' channel.
  • Upgrade : upgrade is automatic from 5.0.0
  • Demo : https://demo.pyd.io/
  • Contributor(s) : thomasCresson, Destroyer, Letreguilly, adrianbj, chusopr
  • Requirement : php5.3 and upper

Detailed changeLog

  • Update README.md
  • Test RHN optional channel activation
  • Clear cache and touch first_run_passed at upgrade for linux packages
  • Report spec to tpl
  • Fix POST script
  • Fix usage, use build_channel not channel
  • Fix RHN optional channel registration
  • Fix #169: File transfers via WebDAV are not logged.
  • antivirus plugin
  • Delete File
  • Update test.PHPOS.php
  • Fix double parenthesis problem
  • Fix #175
  • Update manifest.xml
  • Update class.scan.php
  • Update class.fsAccessDriver.php
  • update plugin
  • Update manifest.xml
  • Pass an optional ContextNode to filenameExits method Define hooks automatically attached to AjxpDroppables for drag'n'drop support Fix #194, Fix the multiple copy upload problems by preventing re-opening the uploader.
  • Refix background dropHover
  • Fix #178 by removing autocompleter options from action.share and let them only in core.conf (autocompleter is a generic widget)
  • The unload action may create a problem on reload in FF (user is logged out). Disable it for Gecko browsers.
  • Fix #171
  • Full replug of the bookmarks for the Settings panel. Fix #187
  • Fix settings bookmarks
  • Backward compatibiliy for "Bookmarks" tabs: a standard workspace only has 2 tabs, Folders & Bookmarks, using legacy bookmarks loading, whereas index.lucene is redifining this template part to provide the 3rd tab, and use search for feeding the results pane.
  • Call escapeshellarg where missing
  • Move node.change hook from fsAccessDriver to uploader's postProcessors. It's now the responsibility of the uploader to trigger the events. Comment the header content-encoding: none from AJXP_ShutdownScheduler to avoid encoding error (was breaking Jumploader).
  • Czech translation update
  • Revert "Czech translation update"
  • Czech translation update
  • > Fix protoMenu clicking on Workspaces & User widget buttons, annoying menu disappearing > redesign backgroundManager panel
  • index.lucene: fix disappearing background manager. Fix information string displayed. Add set_time_limit instruction in the recursive indexation to avoid error if possible
  • Czech translation update #2
  • Fix metadata line for FF & IE
  • Rework splash / login form, still w-i-p
  • Fix French message
  • Rework splash + login screen
  • Fix #168
  • Fix #186 - impossible to compress the files into an archive when using a smb repository -> verify if there is a scheme with parse_url and add an extra slash (to get an url like "scheme://" instead of "scheme:/") - problem with the files' name when creating an archive using smb (two first characters are suppressed) -> clean the extra slash from the real_path
  • Better SQL error when you modify your SQL connection by an empty one. Create a backup file to fix the problem if it happens. New error message.
  • Fix isAjxpAdmin() for multiAuthDriver Set antivirus plugin disabled by default for the moment
  • Fix "webftp" case of auth.ftp driver
  • Support folder upload in chrome
  • Wrong compile, probably a linefeed problem
  • Use backgroundPanel to display upload status, if the user closes the upload dialog. Nice!
  • Do not ask for background upload, make it a hidden feature for now on
  • Fix login display if no welcome message Default welcome message in installer
  • New try on splash screen
  • Unfortunately, the drag'n'drop + FileAPI + UTF-8 characters is not working on Mac OS X .. Disabled folders drag'n'drop, only working on Windows yet.
  • Clean and refactor for naming convention the Antivirus contribution. Still to be more deeply tested.
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