Pydio 5.1.1 - Release Candidate for 5.2.0

Created on 2013/12/23
Release Type: 

Pydio 5.1.1

This release is a (massive) bugfix of 5.1.0, and a release candidate for 5.2.0.

There is not yet an upgrade mechanism, thus it is not tagged stable: it is not meant to be deployed in production, unless you know what you are doing.

We need you to test and report bugs ASAP to make sure we achieve stability soon! Update from 5.1.0 can be done using the in-app upgrade mechanism by switching the updater to the "development" channel. Please read 5.1.0 release note to discover the new features.


  • License : Affero GPL
  • Copyright : Charles du Jeu 2013
  • Download : directly on Sourceforge :
  • Linux Packages : available in the "testing" repositories for both Deb & EL6
  • Date : 23rd, December 2013
  • Contributors: Charles du Jeu, Etienne Champetier, Nikita Rousseau, Thomas Frivold

Detailed Changelog

Noticeable changes

  • Repository switch and loading optimization: avoid loading all available repository when we already know the repository ID. Will have a great impact on REST-based access, typically WebDAV. (details)
  • Fix rename just after creation, detect where to "switchCurrentLabelToEdition" (details)
  • Add ENABLE_FOLDER_SHARING option in action.share, defaulting to true (details)
  • Fix some specific installs problems with libxml and "external entity load" erros. (details)
  • Declare restParams for move and rename (details)
  • Switch to (details)
  • Move copy operations into AbstractAccessDriver to factorize normal and cross-repository copies. Enable cross-repository copy for folders. To be tested extensively. (details)
  • Fix sorting problems when not in list mode. (details)
  • Fix copy permission: can copy from one ro ws to another but not inside it. (details)
  • Missing log when opening a file via the Editor (FileMimeSender) Fix #341 : force init core.log plugin if self::$loggerInstance is not yet defined. (details)
  • Settings panel: Rework the tabs, should be clearer (details)
  • Make sure to show controls on video when opened in editor. (details)
  • Fix Dropbox plugin in sharing cases, retrieve the correct oauth tokens (details)
  • Minisite: Ensure the BASE html tag ends with /, otherwise it goes up one folder (details)
  • API CHANGE: switch to nodes[] query parameters instead of file_0, file_1, file_2, etc. Unique "file" is still allowed though. Fix dblclick on IE10 and IE11, tested on WIN7 and 8 (details)


  • Update plugin_doc.html (details)
  • Also apply CREATE action if inherit_recycle (details)
  • Add sort_by, sort_dir, offset and limit parameters (details)
  • Secure new meta.comments feed. (details)
  • Performances: do not trigger load() in storageExists() if not necessary. FilterUsersByGroup: is_array() security check. Typo when catching exception in logger (details)
  • Wrong notification sent during copy (details)
  • Weak detection of file folder and add a class accordingly (details)
  • Missing translation in Comments feed Missing delete_comment implementation (details)
  • Fix #358, #359, #360 (details)
  • Fix #354 (details)
  • pgsql: IF NOT EXISTS is only supported since PostgreSQL 9.1 (details)
  • try/catch on repository switch (details)
  • Update XSD (details)
  • PublishNodeChange was not taking into account the "copy" parameter. (details)
  • Fix comments feed (details)
  • Lower the poller frequency value from 5 to 15 (details)
  • Correct typo in AbstractLogDriver (details)
  • functions ListRepository and GetWebspaceLog take 2 arguments (details)
  • Small typo in class.phpmailer-lite.php (details)
  • LOG_GROUP_RIGHTS was removed in cda23be27cf360f5f77dc4658e63d7a8dfcb7b1c (details)
  • Correct typo in class.cmsmsAuthDriver.php (details)
  • Typo in test.ServerEncoding.php (details)
  • session_unset() doesn't take arguments (details)
  • AJXP_Utils::getRemoteContent take only 1 argument (details)
  • Encoding is a parameter of Zend_Search_Lucene_Field::Keyword, not $privateDoc->addField (details)
  • listUsers() doesn't take parameters in remoteAuthDriver (details)
  • Replace $HTTP_HOST with $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"] (details)
  • Fix post-upload hooks: make sure to send node UPDATED instead of CREATED if was already there. (details)
  • Make sure the rest API point is working on root. (details)
  • New meta.syncable plugin keep tracks of all changes with a global revision number (inspired by couchdb mechanism) (details)
  • Add an optional caching mechanism to the full XML tree (details)
  • Name sdk methods for search and searchByKeyword (details)
  • optional parameter can't be before required parameter (details)
  • return AJXP_Utils::saveSerialFile is misleading and useless (details)
  • $error isn't defined and used (details)
  • Replace $REMOTE_HOST with $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] (details)
  • getUniqueFile() doesn't take args (details)
  • Small typos in phpCAS lib (details)
  • typo in websocket.server.php (details)
  • typos in phpCAS lib (details)
  • Close #371 (details)
  • self:: is used outside class/method scope (details)
  • Manually define columns list to avoid NULL node_id (nulled by the left join) (details)
  • Change how uploader.html depends on uploader.flex, should impact plugins ordering, but not activation. (details)
  • Update (details)
  • Update (details)
  • porting rhs/centos script to gluster/debian (details)
  • Add a stat_hash action to extend standard stat with the file hash. (details)
  • Change file_ to nodes[] (details)
  • Sanitize user name at creation in user_create_user (details)
  • Updated access.sftp_psl (details)
  • Use CSS animation when possible to make it lighter (details)
  • Close #363 Add parameter for sendmail path (details)
  • Fix #356 (details)
  • Fix typo access.sftp_psl (details)
  • Fix #355 Fix #356 (details)
  • Mq manager was breaking the "guest" access. (details)
  • Other usersDisabled() tracking (details)
  • Do not override the _isRoot property in replaceBy. Do not filter out rootNode from selection, but explicitely enableRoot on actions, download only for the moment. (details)
  • Fix #370 (5.1.0 regression) Avoid checking MetaWatch on parent if node is already root Avoid unnecessary DB calls to get repository by Id (details)
  • Optionally set the unique button to 'close' when opening modal (details)
  • Should fix #376 : catch exception instead of testing result (details)
  • Fix #377 (details)
  • Fix #374 (details)
  • Fix #342 Source editor was broken in modal mode + detect BASE tag if defined to recompute correct URLS in minisite. (details)
  • Fix tabs and scrolling issues in RepositoryEditor Make sure to disableShortcutsOnForm when replicating rows (details)
  • Fix #260 manually: put full Imagick options in the Parameters, for both Thumbs and Image (details)
  • Should fix #384 (details)
  • Remove deprecated notify.phpmail-lite (details)
  • Updated access.sftp_psl (phpseclib build-524) (details)
  • Hotfix PSL_SSH2 (details)
  • Re-add a legend on the share link dialog, otherwise it's not intuitive. (details)
  • Fix search form in settings pane (details)
  • Make sure file or folder exists before sharing. Short hash with numbers only can be interpreted as integer and checkHash send false negative. (details)
  • Fix IE11 XPath not working correctly, probably because node is stored in a property in-between. (details)
  • Fix #386 make sure to encode filename in VideoPreviewer (details)
  • Fix #261 (details)
  • Make sure to type the session_timeout and client_timeout correctly (details)
  • Make sure to send the correct image header, even for 0-length file. (details)
  • Fix #60 - Replace # and ? before calling parse_url() (details)
  • Make sure CREATE is defined, otherwise it make a DB error on workspace creation. Use AJXP_Utils::safeParseUrl() (details)
  • Change dependencies parsing to allow access.AJXP_STREAM_PROVIDER|something.else (details)
  • Fix #390 Dropbox plugin. Missing one item each time Remove user name / password, it's useless. Store tokens in a per-user file. (details)
  • Conf.sql:make sure to transform repository create options to integer, to avoid DB error Ajxp_conf: resplit create ws and create tpl as two separate buttons, not a menu. (details)
  • Remove console.log Fix the checkboxes when editing templates (details)
  • AbstractAccessDriver fix.perms (details)
  • Fix how UID is extracted for FTP driver (details)
  • Clean style of user dashboard (details)
  • Missing copyright header (details)
  • Action.quicksend: new experimental plugin to upload, share and send at once. Adds a tab in the user dashboard. To be toughened if some components are missing (share, mailer, etc...) (details)
  • Use | in active plugin dependency (details)
  • Enable uploaders if action.quicksend is active (details)
  • Fix mailer line-height (details)
  • Some checks when showing Modal (details)
  • Auto switch to list tab on context change, thus do not trigger reloadDataNode() to avoid auto switch to list tab. (details)
  • Fix plugin label (details)
  • Do not send the first level nodes, to leave the drag'n'drop zone empty . Update plugin label (details)
  • Prefix an icon to the PluginEditor (details)
  • Fix typo in SSL indication (details)
  • Escape user label before sending in XML (details)
  • Ignore set_magic_quotes_runtime (deprecated) (details)
  • Replace EncodeQ function by the latest phpmailer version. We should probably totally switch to this mailer. Optionally pass images to be attached in the layout. (details)
  • Add an HTML layout for the emails, and pass a "main link" either by argument or from the main node of the notification (details)
  • Revert line height from previous commit (details)
  • Use creation email (details)
  • Fix CSSFX / Fix create user panel (details)
  • Compile form (details)
  • Fix buttons positions in the Actions tab (details)
  • Fix search engine problems / Save tabs state in the RepositoryEditor to reopen metatab at the correct place (details)
  • Make sure textareas are readonly / Add PostgreSQL to install choices (details)
  • Fix inline button style (details)
  • meta.syncable: fix mysql to make sure it can be automatically installed. Pass default driver to run installation. (details)
  • meta.syncable: fix sqlite to make sure it can be automatically installed (details)
  • Handle multiple line SQL requests for tables creation. (details)
  • Fix installer. Install meta.syncable tables as well. (details)
  • Fix #357 The return of the bookmarks in Settings! (details)
  • Styling harmonization Readapt for mobile tablets (details)
  • Style (details)
  • Update core plugins HTML documentation (details)
  • Do not "autoFoldOnEvent" if unfolded from main button, just when unfolded from the tabs. (details)
  • Style (tab to space) (details)
  • Strengthen again the security level of zoho plugin. (details)
  • Login modal closeValidation was broken (details)
  • Do some CSS (details)
  • Fix icons positiong (details)
  • Replace get_my_feed hiding by CSS instead of JS (details)
  • Test modal.currentLigtBox.parentNode before calling remove (details)
  • Do not pre-install meta.syncable for the moment. (details)
  • Let the editor.zoho be active in access.ajxp_user, to be sure the img_library is loaded. (details)
  • For the moment, disable users autocompleter for existing private minisite. (details)
  • Fix #398 has_password wrongly reported (details)


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