Pydio 6.0.2 - Small bugfix

Created on 2014/12/16
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Pydio 6.0.2 - Bugfix Release

This is a micro-bugfix release for 6.0.1 - A display bug on the very first installer screen was ruining user experience.

If you have not yet updated to v6, please read the release note and upgrade instructions here.

  • Date: Dec, 16th 2014
  • License: Affero GPL
  • DownloadSourceforge Project
  • Source CodeGithub Project
  • Copyright: Abstrium SAS / Charles du Jeu 2014
  • Upgrade from 6.0.1: In-app upgrade for archives installs - RPM/DEB nothing special
  • Changelog: see simple commit here


The new welcome page

The new welcome page