Pydio core 5.2.3

Created on 2014/03/20
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This is a security & bugfix release, upgrade is recommended. See changelog below.

  • Date: 19th, March 2014
  • License: Affero GPL
  • Copyright: Charles du Jeu 2014
  • Demo
  • Download: zip, tar.gz, rpm, deb
  • Upgrade from 5.2.2: In-app tool, or via linux package managers - nothing special to do.
  • Contributors: cdujeu, ellega



  • Command smbclient if Windows OS (details)
  • Make sure the slug is applied at workspace creation even if from a template. (details)
  • Make sure mkfile is compatible with the node signature (details)
  • Higher filtering level for filename (details)
  • Fix tabs re-opening / Fix 'circular JSON structure' error by filtering data before saving. (details)
  • Activate rest for stat_hash action (details)
  • Add an option to fix #195 : force all emails to be sent by a unique adress (details)
  • Fix PowerFS charset problems (details)
  • Fix some errors with nodes parameter array when sending to background (details)
  • Sanitize and decode archive name (see #480) (details)
  • Meta.exif : ignore UndefinedTag: key (details)
  • WS selector: visually show that element was selected (details)
  • Fix simple tabs, fix #373 date modified sorts wrong (details)
  • Defer registry building when initiating repository driver. (details)
  • Default folder / mime_empty images in preview factory (details)
  • Exclude mime shared_* for "Share" and "To selection cart" actions, to avoid having them appear in user dashboard. (details)
  • Clear user selection before switching repository (details)
  • Correct metadata expression (details)
  • Order WS list in dashboard fix #484 (details)
  • Goto shortcut and default_start_repository were colliding (details)
  • Missing message in group creation / deletion (details)
  • Conf.sql : deleting a group was deleting all groups with the same prefix (details)
  • Fix PowerFS + Download All in minisite combination (details)
  • Upgrade installer style and messaging (details)
  • Path to Jumploader archive changed on their website. (details)
  • Update plupload plugin to support their version 2.1 (details)
  • Fix problems with specific values when saving roles parameters. (details)
  • Make share button transparent (details)
  • Fix openlayer "Fullscreen" button (details)
  • Fix notification when it's pointing to root folder (display ws name). (details)
  • Getting Started: new video (iOS device tutorial) (details)
  • Add optional filters for users counting (e.g parent or admin) (details)
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