PydioSync 1.0.2

Created on 2015/09/20
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PydioSync 1.0.2

Hi folks, 

We are happy to announce a new release of PydioSync 1.0.2. Thanks to all those who submitted your reports, our desktop sync tool gets a number of bugfixes! 

  • First local indexation time is drastically reduced
  • Better error handling and reporting in case of server requests timeout
  • Fixed an issue during the windows upgrade that required re-configuring the server connections
  • Added an sqlite corruption-check for self-healing
  • Added an http service to configure a global proxy

Your current 1.0.0 client should automatically detect the ugprade and propose to download. Otherwise, get your latest installer from : DMG for Mac, MSI for Windows (64bits or 32bits) and TAR for Linux.
Also, make sure to keep your server updated (latest stable is 6.0.8), as most sync issues are generally linked to server misconfigurations or bugs. 

What's next ? 

The next version of PydioSync should come with a better OS-integration for both Mac and Windows (right-click "Share..." menu and overlay icons). We are also investigating how to reduce the energy consumption of the Pydio-UI on Mac.
Server-side, many new features will be released during the month of September, and both our mobile apps are currently being entirely rewritten. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we wish you a wonderful summer,

Lead developer

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