PydioSync 1.0.4 - Mac OSX Integration

Created on 2016/01/21
Release Type: 

This is a stable release for PydioSync Clients


Deep-os integration for Mac OSX (Yosemite and later only) : users can monitor the synchronization status via overlay icons on files and folders in Windows Explorer. They can right-click to generate a share link on a file or folder (inside a synchronized folder). Other files on the computer can be sent to Pydio with a right-click as well, by copying them inside the synchronized folder.


Detailed Changelog

  • Fixed language detection issues
  • MacOSX (> 10.10) Finder integration, icons and share feature
  • Fixed conflicts for empty files
  • Status icons are correct for newly created files
  • Logs are more informative and easier to read
  • Added some mixing French translations
  • Fixed most "database locked" errors
  • Fixed token based authentication for multiple syncs
  • Fixed handling of exclude lists, added GUI configuration options
  • Can set Server Timeout option in UI for client requests
  • Fixed upgrade issue on running app for windows
    • Replace the old agent with the latest
    • Fixed the registry entries for shell extension if we upgrade while app is running
  • Removed the dependency of Qt's File dialog for share
  • Fixed Preview while sharing via sync-client
  • Fixed handling of utf-8 during share
  • Fixed last workspace can be selected when there are 10+ to choose from share


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