AjaXplorer becomes Pydio!

Created on 2013/09/30

Fellow community members,

I am glad to announce a new start for AjaXplorer. After five years of intense development, releasing version 5 triggered a great acceleration for the project during the past few months. You sent a lot of feedbacks and opinions, and this was an essential drive for the new stuff we announce today.

So what is ajaXplorer reload about?

  • A new name: Pydio, as Put Your Data In Orbit! Both names will definitely co-exist during a couple of months
  • A clear mission: allow anyone to build an enterprise box, secure and private, on his own servers or private cloud.
  • A commercial offering: many of you in the enterprise world, open source without support is a clear no-go for production applications. We have it now! See https://pydio.com/ to learn more about it. Feedback is welcome, as always.

But moreover, this reboot is the opportunity for us to renew our commitment to open source. The community has been contributing code, testing, bug reports, translations, and we assure you that you will always be able to use a non-crippleware product, including cutting-edge features, for free.

As of today, the mobile applications will also turn free, and we will publish their code as soon as possible (legal issues must be secured to fit Apple Store rules).

I really hope that you are as thrilled as we are, and that you will jump on board, to write this new page with us.


Charles du Jeu