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08/04/2016 at 03:56 pm
Federated Sharing : Pydio connects with Owncloud and joins OpenCloudMesh initiative
You can now share files between Pydio instances and you can also share files between Pydio and ownCloud.
25/04/2016 at 07:48 pm
Improve your productivity with Pydio: Scanomat Case Study
Scanomat needs to share documentation with multiple teams. Pydio easily offers Scanomat a seamless IT integration with its website and its CRM system, with the possibility to personalise Pydio's user interface.
29/03/2016 at 10:21 pm
Pydio Core 6.4.0 - Sharing, UX, Performances
Pydio 6.4.0 is a stable release introducing many important new features: federated sharing, UX transitioning to Material Design, Cache Service generalized, and many more exciting improvements!


  • Web Rich Application
  • Mobile Device Access (iOS/Android)
  • Desktop Sync Apps (Win / Mac / Linux)
  • Advanced Sharing features
  • Customizable UI*


  • Deployed on your own infrastructure
  • Unified Identity Management
  • Access Control Management
  • Real-time Monitoring and dashboard *
  • Professional Support *


  • Connect to many storage systems
  • Connect to many user directories (LDAP/AD/SAML*)
  • Build a high availability setup
  • Open Source
  • REST API's and Plugin architecture

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