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Pydio Gives Your Teams the Tools They Need

In today’s work-from-home world, document sharing and collaboration are at the very core of your teams’ workday.

You absolutely need a platform that enables your teams to harness their ideas and creativity, not something that creates roadblocks and holds them back.

Pydio is that platform. With centralized access, zero-learning curve, fast file sharing, and real-time collaboration, Pydio lets your teams work together to reach their goals without creating security risks.

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Why Do Teams Prefer Pydio?

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Simplified, centralized document access via workspaces and cells

Near-zero user learning curve (it works like you’d expect it to)

Cells Flows automates common workflows to reduce repetitive, time-consuming jobs and drive productivity

Share and collaborate in real-time on nearly any document format

Mobile app gives you secure access to all your docs all the time (iOS, Android)

Fast, seamless transfers of even massive document (up to 5TB)

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User-focused UI

Pydio's web interface and mobile app are easy and intuitive for users who’ve used any of the modern SaaS-based platforms.

Pydio's user interface (UI) is based on Google’s Material Design language, which has become a design standard used by thousands of modern apps - making Pydio easier to understand for new users.

Your Pydio platform is a customer and partner-facing communication tool.  White-labeled your interface to add your logo, change colors, select new buttons to reflect your organization’s brand identity.

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Real-time Messaging

Cut down on confusing emails chains, side channels, and third-party DMs with Pydio’s built-in chatrooms (one per Cell).

Build your own team chatrooms around projects or documents in just a couple of clicks.

Connect your remote teams into one communications space to improve collaboration and productivity.

Directly add new documents to existing rooms or invite colleagues to join a discussion around a specific document.

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Next-Generation File Sharing

Organize your content the way you want, the way that works best for you and your team.

Upload, download, and share massive files or folders (up to 5TB) using our multipart protocol to speed up the transfer.

Share documents seamlessly and securely with people inside and outside your company, using public links or Cells. 

Protect public links with passwords, expiration dates, limited downloads, and other advanced security measures.

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Collaborate Securely Any Time, Any Place

Work with colleagues, partners, and clients in real-time. Edit, save, make changes, and leave comments all without leaving Pydio.

Each file or folder has its own comment feed for centralized access. Get alerted when something happens, annotate online images and videos.

Keep track of file revisions with Pydio’s versioning tool. Define your own versioning policy. Even restore previous versions of your files.

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Streamline Repetitive Tasks with Cells Flows

Did you run the backup this week? Have you purged all the old files recently? Have you reviewed all the incoming files?

Pydio Cells Flows is a powerful new tool that lets you assemble customizable components via a drag and drop interface to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks that are a drag on productivity and your bottom line. 

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Pydio helped us solve many regulatory compliance issues. We needed a fast-to-deploy on-premise solution to allow auditable file exchanges with our customers and Pydio really fits the bill. Pydio's premium remote support was the cherry on the cake.

Dimitri R - Security & System administrator at major Insurance company

We've been using Pydio for years now and the platform has always met our needs for end user experience and advanced security. Today we have more than 10 Pydio instances and they are at the heart of our customer data exchanges. Moreover, GDPR has strengthened our desire to control our data and Pydio responds very well to this need.

Jeremy Godefroy - Deputy IT Manager at Inter Public Group

We’ve been using Pydio Cells at CY Cergy Paris Université as a sovereign solution for our research staff since early 2019. Following the increased need for collaboration during the Covid19 crisis, we opened the tool to all university staff. It meets our needs very well and is easy to learn. The granular access management via the 'Cells' concept is very flexible and efficient.

Baptiste Mary - Computer Science and Digital at CY Cergy Paris Université

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What's New At Pydio?

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03/11/2022 at 04:10 pm
New in Cells 4.0 - SmartForm Turns Cells into an Advanced Data Collection Tool
Meet SmartForm, the intelligent, flexible form builder that turns Pydio Cells 4.0 into a powerful data collection tool. Learn all about how SmartForm can kick-start your data collection projects.
27/10/2022 at 03:05 pm
Cells v4 is Now Kubernetes-Enabled
Kubernetes with Helm is fast becoming standard for managing your hybrid / private cloud. Pydio Cells 4.0 harnesses Kubernetes’ impressive scalability and resilience to deliver truly enterprise-ready document-sharing and collaboration.
14/11/2023 at 11:58 pm
Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.3.1
This new version focuses primarily on Cells Flows, offering a host of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Transform and generate PDFs, DOCX, Markdown, and HTML content on-the-fly or upon user request!

*Some features might be available in Pydio Cells Enterprise only, please contact us for more information

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