How Cells Helps - Industry Sectors and Use Cases

Cells solves problems and enables collaboration. In this section, you'll find industry profiles and use cases that demonstrate how Cells is being used to power sharing and collaboration, manage documents and automate complex, time-consuming workflows. Explore this section to see how Cells fits with your specific challenges.
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Pydio provides secure, enterprise-grade document sharing and collaboration for leading organizations across a spectrum of sectors. The platform can be customized to fit the needs of any sector where organizations need to collaborate seamlessly without putting data at risk.
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Defense & Law Enforcement

An unprecedented level of control and security, as well as a complex web of processes, procedures, regulations and standards to comply with.

Hospitals & Healthcare Institutions

Make Pydio Cells the cornerstone of your document sharing to centralize, secure, and manage private patient data.


Insert Pydio Cells and its advanced automation capacities to streamline your business processes.

Government & Public Sector

Use Pydio as a cross-department and inter-agency filesharing platform.

Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, investment brokers or accounting firms have to comply with the highest standards for digital storage security.

Legal Services

On top of complying with data privacy rules you may also need to provably ensure confidentiality and avoid issues such as spoliation.

Media & Communication Agencies

Use your own branded file sharing platform with your teams, clients and subcontractors.

Architecture & Construction Industry

Use Pydio to upload, share and collaborate on large files

Consulting Firms

Documents are your lifeblood. Share your docs securely and collaborate in real-time with teammates, clients, and partners.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Increase the efficiency of your processes for all channels

Education & Academic Institutions

Securely share student records, staff information and research data.
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Use Cases

Cells was designed as a self-hosted document sharing and collaboration platform. But it can also take over for file transfer, document management and knowledge management, digital asset management and data room platforms – streamlining workflows, providing end-to-end visibility and reducing overall platform costs.
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File Sharing & Collaboration

Powering seamless sharing and collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

Large File Transfers

File Transfer solutions are an old answer to an old problem. Pydio gives you fast transfer up to 5TB.

Virtual Data Room

Cells can handle your complex, sensitive data and transactions – And so much more.

Digital Asset Management

Cells handles more than just “documents”. We can store, manage and share all your files and data.

Document Management

From lifecycle management to multi-level storage, Cells has you covered.

Knowledge Management

Advanced search, automated tagging and metadata are just a few of our KM superpowers.

Document Portal

Document Portal

Document Portal is just a fancy name for what we’ve been doing all along. Hats off to the marketing folks who coined it.

Remote Is the New Normal

Empower your teams to work effectively and securely on anything from anywhere with Cells.
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Not Listed Above?

Based on a flexible architecture, Pydio can be adapted and customized for a range of industries, we will accommodate to your necessities. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your file sharing and collaboration business case.
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