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This table highlights the differences between our products : Cells Enterprise provides all the tools needed to securely share files while keeping your data safe, for privacy-conscious and regulated industries. Cells Connect is a lightweight version of Cells Enterprise only providing additional authentication and SSO methods.

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  Home Connect Enterprise
Storage Home Connect Enterprise
Filesystem X X X
S3 X X X
Azure Blob Storage     X
Google Cloud Storage     X
Custom Versioning Policies     X
Data Sharding     X
Workspaces and Cells Home Connect Enterprise
Share as public links X X X
Share Cells with users X X X
Metadata X X X
Search Engine X X X
Chatrooms & comments feeds X X X
Realtime notifications & email digest X X X
Zip/tar.gz support X X X
Drop'N'Share interface (we transfer like)     X
OnlyOffice online editor     X
Image areas annotations     X
Video timecode/area annotations     X
Folder Templates     X
Search in files contents (Flows)     X
User Directories & Identity Providers Home Connect Enterprise
Internal Directory X X X
Multiple Directories   X X
AD / LDAP integration   X X
OAuth2 / OIDC Single Sign-On   X X
SAML / Azure ADFS Single Sign-On   X X
Compliance Audits Home Connect Enterprise
System Logs (JSON) X X X
Admin Dashboard (platform KPIs)   X X
Export System Logs (CSV/XLSX)     X
Audit Logs + Export     X
Audit All Shares     X
Audit Storage Usage     X
Configuration versioning     X
Security Features Home Connect Enterprise
Storage Encryption X X X
Role-Based Access Control X X X
Rule-Based Access Control     X
Multi-Factor Authentication     X
Terms-Of-Service Validation     X
Password Complexity Management     X
Branding Home Connect Enterprise
Remove Pydio Cells brand   X X
Custom Interface Colors     X
Custom Email Templates     X
Scheduler Home Connect Enterprise
Default Jobs X X X
Edit Jobs Schedule     X
Antivirus Support     X
Other Accesses Home Connect Enterprise
Rest APIs X X X
WebDAV Support X X X
SFTP Support     X
Desktop Sync X   X
Restrict Desktop Sync access     X
Deployments Home Connect Enterprise
Compile from source X    
Pre-built Binaries X X X
Docker Image X X X
OVF Image   X X
VMWare Image   X X
Amazon AMI   X X
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Pydio Cells Roadmap

With Pydio Cells, our dev team tries to keep a release-early/release-often approach.

Along with normal bugfixes, performances gains, and small improvements, below is the roadmap for future developments.


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2020 - Q3

  • Multiple Bind Support
  • Simpler HA support
  • [ED] Scheduler interface for managing workflows and automated tasks (currently in Tech Preview)
  • [ED] Fine-grained admin console page accesses (for admin delegation, currently in Tech Preview)
  • [ED] Advanced ClamAV Integration
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