Cells for Government & Public Sector

If you’re a government agency, you need to collaborate and share documents internally but also with other departments, agencies, partners, subcontractors, stakeholders, and the public. Suppose your data is split across email attachments, SharePoint repositories, and traditional content management platforms. In that case, Cells may be exactly the cross-department and inter-agency document sharing, collaboration and management platform you need.
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Meet your agency's security requirements by integrating into your compliance infrastructure

Developed with full code transparency to avoid backdoor intrusions and other hidden surprises.

Use Pydio to create your own public-facing document-sharing portal.

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Share Your Files, On Your Terms

Whether you collaborate with local authorities, public administrations, government or regional agencies, your sensitive data is shared in a safe way. Documents can be password-protected, you can limit the number of downloads and monitor the history and usage of specific files. This way you can be sure that your data is available only to authorized users.

No risky network architecture changes. Pydio easily integrates with every part of your existing IT infrastructure.

Require users to accept your Terms of Service before being granted access to official documents with Pydio Cells "Disclaimer" feature.


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Create An Open Sharing Platform

Public administrations are becoming more and more open to citizens and make tremendous efforts to bring efficient online services. With Pydio Cells, implement a secure, customized document sharing platform for the public.

Applicants can upload their material using public interfaces, and you can also grant very specific accesses to external users and control the data you share.

From an end-user perspective, Pydio is a consumer-grade file sharing application, but with an enhanced level of security and control for your administration.

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Your Data is Safe and Secure

Secure share links can be password-protected as well as automatically expired based on a date or a maximum number of download.

Your data is encrypted at rest and your exchanges are protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.

Pydio Cells synchronisation client ensures that your data is not modified when being synchronised, by comparing start and final encryption hashes.


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Flexible and Reliable

Pydio Cells distributed architecture is ready to handle the load. Add more nodes when more connections come.

Import all users and groups automatically from any existing LDAP / AD directory, or simply setup SSO using OAuth2, OpenID Connect or SAML protocols.  

Control and update each user’s right whenever needed, and monitor how and when files have been accessed by each user through the Admin dashboard. This way, you are sure that all your sensitive data remains within control.

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