Welcome to the new Pydio.com

Created on 2015/11/11, registration, forum

We have published a brand new site combining the former purely Community site pyd.io and our enterprise site. We hope you'll really enjoy the new overhauled experience -- especially on our Docs and Community which have been entirely reorganized to make finding the information you are looking for easier on you.

It has been long journey, and merging a Prestashop website + a Wordpress website into a brand new Drupal one was not easy. Be indulgent, we will roll-out all the expected features in the forthcoming days, but everything should be back up and running smoothly very soon. 


How-to login to this new website?

We imported all the active users from both pyd.io and old pydio.com. Please read the following.

If you already have a login on pyd.io, do not worry! Users who had posted at least one topic or one comment in the forum were migrated to the new site. You should be able to login with your previous credentials (username and password)

If you are a current client, you may need to reset your password. You can do so by using the email log in you had on the previous pydio.com account. Then you will be able to access your account as usual.

Short Tour

The new site is organized into the following pages:

    As an early-adopter in your company, you often need to find the right words to explain why Pydio should definitely be deployed in your organization. This section will help you build the business case for Pydio.
    An in-depth overview of the Pydio Enterprise Distribution and its included features to faciliate an easy deployment of your file sharing and sync solution in your company.
  • DOCS
    A must-read for all Pydio administrators, but for developers as well! Browse our Knowledge Base to learn about specific configurations, security recommendations, and much more...
    Pydio is an open-source product, and we greatly value our community. Get answers to common issues about Pydio Community on the forum, learn how to contribute or get the latest development builds from this page.
    Download Pydio Enterprise Distribution here & start your free-trial or request your free 10 user license today. 
    Whether you just want to contribute to the forum, or buy a license and manage your subscriptions, log in to your account and manage all things Pydio.

We hope you enjoy the new site.

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