Pydio Cells & Enterprise 1.6.1 - Hotfix for 1.6

Created on 2019/07/10
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This release fixes a couple of issues for Cells 1.6:

  • Always use a natural order for workspace list in various places of the UX,
  • Optimise header size when transmitting blocks to and from an encrypted datasourse,
  • Fix an issue that could lead to clear transmission of encryption key between two services,
  • Fix an issue with encryption legacy format and corrupted archives creation
  • Make some cleaning to prepare a community effort that will aim at adding PostgreSQL support to Cells.

Cells Enterprise specific fixes and enhancements:

  • Remove 'About' page that had Pydio specific content,
  • Add additional parameters to fully brand emails to the company logo/name,
  • Enhance process of synchronisation with an external LDAP directory.


Use the in-app tool for automatically upgrading the binary, then restart your service. As always, do not forget the `setcap` command if you are listening to port 80 or 443 before restarting!


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