Pydio Cells & Enterprise 2.0.4

Created on 2020/03/11
Release Type: 

Cells 2.0.4 is a bug fixes release. We have identified and fixed a few minor issue with limited impact on the code and no migration: upgrade is recommended and is straightforward with the in-app tool.

As always, do not forget to use the setcap command before restarting if you bind to 80 or 443.

  • Fix limitation on s3 datasource when moving files bigger than 5GB, and some edgecases on Azure/GCS datasources
  • New cli command user set-pwd to reset a password from command line
  • UX fixes in admin logs and audit boards (cells enterprise)
  • Remove key error at startup when relaunching an install on an existing DB
  • Throttle number of status message sent by scheduler tasks

You can find a summary of the change log here.



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