Pydio Cells & Enterprise 2.0.7

Created on 2020/05/25
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Cells 2.0.7 is a hotfix security release. Some vulnerabilities were discovered by security researchers (who will soon publish the corresponding CVE's). As such, upgrading is urgently required.

As we are in the meantime working on an important update (more about that soon), we've also cherry-picked a couple of fixes from the master :

  • Increased lock-timer for long copy/move, register "child-locks" to avoid copying many times a resource inside same location (proper suffix with -1, -2, ...-N)
  • Fixed rare random crash at startup (due to packr changes in previous releases)
  • Fixed some display issues in public links (gallery mode, error displayed when switching display mode)

Upgrade is straight-forward using in-app update tool. 


These are the independant researches that raised the issues to us. Thanks to them!

Core Labs

Vibhisha Ghodasara



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