Pydio 6.0.4 - Bugfix release

Created on 2015/03/03
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Pydio 6.0.4 - Bugfix

This is a bugfix release for 6.0.3

If you have not yet updated to v6, please take the complete product tour here.

  • Date: March, 3rd 2015
  • License: Affero GPL
  • DownloadSourceforge Project
  • Source CodeGithub Project
  • Copyright: Abstrium SAS / Charles du Jeu 2015
  • Upgrade: In-app upgrade for archives installs - RPM/DEB update
  • Contributors: Charles du Jeu, Tran The Cuong, Andypmuc, Ndeet, Flauschbaellchen - Thanks to all of you!


The new welcome page

Pydio 6 welcome page

Upgrade Process

Upgrading from 6.0.3 to 6.0.4 should be straightforward.

> If you are upgrading from 5.X version, please first read the 6.0.0 release note and upgrade instructions. There are some specific manual DB upgrade to be applied for Linux Packages.

> If you are on v6 but not yet upgraded to 6.0.3, just make sure that the conf/bootstrap_context.php (or /etc/pydio/bootstrap_context.php) is updated to the latest version, otherwise you may see "Dibi class not found" errors.


  • Bugfixes for sync between parent & shared folders, trigger indexation on first sync of shared workspace, update Observe Storage changes mechanism.
  • SearchEngine UX improved.
  • Analytics Dashboard now supported by PostgreSQL and Sqlite.
  • Decoupling index.lucene from meta.syncable.
  • New hooks: before/after create/delete/update workspace. Used to properly clear indexation data on workspace removal.

All commits

  • Update de.php (details)
  • Fix #834 - Wrong message on group deletion (details)
  • CartManager is triggering the old-fashion public link (details)
  • Make sure to push the newly activated plugins at the end of the list. Should fix #822 (details)
  • Transport a contextual user ID as a node property or through the URL. Pass a contextual user to the VarsFilter::filter() function Fix shareEventsForwarding when in a personal workspace (shared events not going to parents, preventing sync for example) (details)
  • Performances: do not call getRole() again if role is already loaded in the loop (details)
  • Meta.mount: New option to delete mount point on unmount (details)
  • Fix #803 (details)
  • Open search box when clicking on magnifier. (details)
  • Modal: handle case where dialogTitle is positioned absolute. Modify CSS accordingly. (details)
  • Typo prevented shared users deletion when not logged as admin (details)
  • Try base64_decode for legacy - Was breaking the mp3 player in a shared minisite (details)
  • Fix repository exposed property, values not correctly retrieved (details)
  • Error in slug generation, make sure to look at the reserved slugs when building new ones (details)
  • Share users list: Add an option to not trigger any listing if no regexp is sent (details)
  • Fix error if msgExchanger is not set. (details)
  • Use loadNodeInfo() instead of stat in ChangesTracker, otherwise eventForwarding can end up indexing a folder as file. (details)
  • [index.lucene] Typo calling getUser() on wrong object (details)
  • Introduce an AJXP_METADATA_ALLUSERS metadata users scope to gather meta from all users. Used in eventForwarding for ShareCenter. (details)
  • Big refactoring to decouple meta.syncable from index.lucene: core.index is now responsible for triggering a recursive indexation and sending corresponding events. (details)
  • Fix #842 : API issue on IIS when in root folder. (details)
  • Fix inZip detection for UserSelection built without "dir" parameter. (details)
  • Set pydio global variable from within AjaXplorer class, not only Bootstrap (skip updating bootstrap) (details)
  • Consume_channel: avoid repeating query if previous query is not yet finished (details)
  • Make sure to unset currentIndex to trigger the __destruct function and release all handlers on files. Prevented the cleaning of the TMP index on Windows. (details)
  • Fix Quota computation on MacOS server (details)
  • The indexIsSync() feature can be triggered with bad value, creating issues in synchro (details)
  • Comment out debugs from authfront.keystore , too verbose. (details)
  • Refactor upload method to make it more readable. Fix wrong event sent after partial uploads. (details)
  • Translate PHP errors (details)
  • Move fsAccessDriver functions to its parent AbstractAccessDriver (details)
  • Update "Observe Storage" mechanism to make it more reliable and less frequent. (details)
  • Do not set default plugin value if not in meta source. (details)
  • Fix Analytics Dashboard for Sqlite and PostgreSQL drivers (details)
  • New parameter in Index.Lucene to hide the "My Shares" section (details)
  • Close SearchEngine on context_changed (details)
  • Mark a repository for REQUIRES_INDEXATION at share time. Trigger indexation if necessary when requiring changes - Fix auto-indexation on first search. (details)
  • Trigger events on workspace before/after create/update/delete Hook indexers (lucene & meta.syncable) to the after_delete event to clear the indexes. (details)
  • Sync: trigger client last_seq reset if the sequence ID is greater than the current max of the changes table. Foresee the need to vacuum the changes table. (details)
  • Search results are limited by max-height (ndeet)
  • Fix Dav configuration when Server URL is set (andypmuc)
  • Sanitize function: trim spaces only no the left, or it can break when syncing files with trailing space
  • Secure error message on rename operations by catching the result


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