PydioSync 1.2.1 - Indexation improvements and other fixes

Created on 2016/04/14
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PydioSync 1.2.1 - Mac OSX Installer
PydioSync 1.2.1 - Windows Installer
PydioSync 1.2.1 - Windows 32bits Installer
PydioSync 1.2.1 - Linux Binaries
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This stable release of our client provides performances improvements and bugfixes.

Detailed Changelog

  • Fixed TLS1.2 Support on MacOSX
  • Changed links to in about, added license info
  • Updated translations
  • Better handling of Database lock errors
  • Multithreaded indexation
  • Include/ Exclude filter fix for MacOSX, added support for UTF-8
  • Fixed explorer icons to not display in inactive folders
  • Fixed share for new sharing with Pydio
  • Code change use submodule for SDK
  • Default to UTF-8 when filesystem encoding is unknown
  • Wait for file write to end during upload
  • Send update requests only when the sync agent is up