Configuring Email Delivery

WARNING This documentation is for Cells v3. Looking for Pydio Cells v4 docs?

In this chapter, we have a look at the mailing system integrated to Pydio Cells and guide you through some sample configurations.

Please note: when changing these configurations, the assiociated pydio.grpc.mailer service will be automatically restarted, so the changes may not be impacted until after 10 to 20 seconds. At restart time, service tries to dial a network connection to the specific mailing service, and if something goes wrong, the application will be aware that there is no valid mailer configured.

Configure Mails

To configure the mailer, go to Application Parameters > Mailers:

Field Description
Default From Email address Put the email that you're going to use as sender address for notifications and as default (see below).
From/Sender address and name to use Select how the address and display name is chosen. This setting controls how the envelope from address and the from mail and sender mail headers are set.

Depending on the engine you have chosen, you see one of the following form:

1. Disable Mailer

The default value, no mailer is configured. Application will never try to send emails.

2. No-Op Mailer

By selecting this mailer, emails will be created by the application but they will just be collected without further processing. This can be handy typically for staging servers where you want to act as if a mailer is enabled, but make sure that your users never receive actual emails.

This mailer "honeypot" can either fully discard emails, or write them as text to a file for debugging purpose.

3. SMTP Server

Field Description
Server Hostname the SMTP server's hostname, for example gmail's smtp is
Server Port The port of the SMTP server, for example gmail's default port is 587
Connection User The username of the address used to connect to this SMTP server, such as,
Connection Password password of the user above
Queue Type Right now do not modify this field.

4. Sendmail

In order to use sendmail:

  • Make sure that you have installed and configured it on your server
  • The sendmail executable is set by default to /usr/bin/sendmail. Depending on your system and its version, you may have to adapt this executable. For security reasons, this cannot be done directly from the interface but must be manually edited inside the main configuration file. To achieve that, open CELLS_WORKING_DIR/pydio.json and look for the "pydio.grpc.mailer" section.
 "services": {
  "pydio.grpc.mailer": {
    "queue": {
      "@value": "boltdb"
    "sender": {
      "@value": "sendmail",
      "executable": "/path/to/custom/sendmail"  // Add this key directly in the file

5. Sendgrid

To use SendGrid API Service, you only have to:

  • Retrieve your specific API key
  • Put it in the corresponding field.
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