Monitoring Tools

WARNING This documentation is for Cells v3. Looking for Pydio Cells v4 docs?

When deployed inside an infrastructure providing monitoring dashboard and tools, Cells provides some specific entry points for grabbing statistics and healtcheck information.

Healthcheck Endpoint

Cells provides an optional HTTP endpoint that lists all micro-services and their statuses (in JSON format). If all services are up and running, endpoint returns with a 200 status code, and a 500 if one service is down.

To enable this endpoint, pass a port number via the CELLS_HEALTHCHECK=6565 environment variable (or via the --healthcheck command flag). Once set, healthcheck endpoint is available with a GET http://your-cells:6565/healthcheck/ request.

Basic Authentication is available by setting the following configuration :

./cells admin config set pydio.grpc.healthcheck username "myusername"
./cells admin config set pydio.grpc.healthcheck password "mypassword"

Please beware that this endpoint is not protected by default: it is your responsibility to correctly setup your firewall or use the basic authentication.

Prometheus / OpenMetrics

Cells code is instrumented with Prometheus gauges for providing metrics about its internals (Golang Goroutines number, memory used per service, etc.). It is best coupled with a Grafana monitoring dashboard.

Prerequisites to collect the metrics are the following:

  • Enable the metrics endpoints on Cells by providing the CELLS_ENABLE_METRICS=true environment variable or by adding the flag --enable_metrics to cells' start command.
  • Prometheus

and for the prometheus.yml configuration append this instruction.

- job_name: "cells"
      - files:
          - ${CELLS_WORKING_DIR}/services/pydio.gateway.metrics/prom_clients.json

Make sure to replace $CELLS_WORKING_DIR by your actual working directory.

Please refer to the knowledge base for more information about the Prometheus/Grafana configuration.

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