Pydio Cells 3.0 Has Hidden Superpowers

Created on 2021/12/15
Pydio Cells may look like a mild-mannered document sharing and collaboration platform, but with the launch of version 3.0, it’s now an enterprise-level beast with super security, compliance, automation, and most of all, speed. Read on to find out more about how Cells 3.0’s superpowers can help your organization.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 3.0.3

Created on 2021/12/06
Cells 3.0.3 is a bugfix release for V3 branch.

Pydio Cells v3.0 - Accelerated Performance

Created on 2021/11/30
With new flat datasources, faster internal communication, and optimized caching, Pydio Cells V3 is faster and more enterprise-ready than ever. Find out more about the impact this new speed will have on your experience with Cells.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 3.0.2

Created on 2021/11/29
Cells 3.0.2 is a bugfix release for V3 branch.

Pydio Cells 3.0 Use Case - Validation Workflow

Created on 2021/11/23
With the improved metadata in Pydio Cells V3, a new world of searchability and control is opened up. In this post, we’ll take a look at one use case that is so compelling (and widely requested) that we decided to build a preset workflow and ship it with the product.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 3.0.1

Created on 2021/11/09
First bugfix release for V3 branch. It fixes an issue with CopyObject on Encrypted+Flat Datasource.

Pydio Cells V3 - Improved Speed, Security, Searchability & Compliance

Created on 2021/11/03
Why upgrade to Cells v3? We've implemented a new data architecture format that dramatically improves access speed, supercharges searchability and makes compliance monitoring and reporting easier and more powerful.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 3.0.0

Created on 2021/10/25
Cells V3 provides a new data source format that dramatically improves access speed, streamlines security implementation, supercharges searchability via new metadata, and makes compliance monitoring and reporting easier.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 2.2.12

Created on 2021/09/21
Cells 2.2 ships brand new features improving network flexibility, performances and scalability. Cells 2.2.12 is a security release.

Pro Tip: Allowing Users to Set-up 2-Factor Authentication

Created on 2021/08/09
With the explosion in brute-force attacks, password-based authentication may not be enough. 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is now an accepted security best practice. Cells Enterprise lets users quickly and easily set up and manage 2FA . Find out how.