Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.0

Created on 2022/10/18
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Cells v4 is a major leap forward for clustered deployments. It features a brand-new microservices engine for unparalleled performance, and new dependency management making it much easier to delegate core services to cloud standards.

Pydio Cells 4.0 is fully cloud-ready

To get cloud- and multi-node ready, we’ve retired our original microservices framework, which was complex and limiting, to use our own. Working from a clean slate, we developed a brand new, truly stateless instance of Cells 4.0 that decouples and externalizes storage and service layers to create an image that can easily be distributed and replicated.

Cells 4.0’s new simplified core works in single-node as well as complex multi-node configurations – all the way from Raspberry Pi to Kubernetes clusters.

Codebase Major Changes

The V4 branch was a long-term development project that started with our desire to adopt Go Modules. This redesign led to a big reduction in our dependencies, a huge simplification of the architecture and, as a result, a lot of interesting features!

The code now relies on Go 1.18+ and Go Modules, and the master branch is now main. The main dependencies are updated to more recent versions, including Caddy, Hydra and Minio, etc. We now make better use of resources within a process by sharing servers (http|gRPC) between services. This greatly reduces the number of network ports used by Cells and it has a huge impact on performance.



This release comes with a fully translated Brazilian version thanks to Claudio Ferreira and a Japanese version thanks to Satoshi Yuza.

If you want to help us and participate by adding the translation to your language, it is really easy: just navigate to Pydio Cells project in Crowdin, create an account and get started!


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