Switching Datasource Storage Formats

Command Line Tool

A command-line tool is provided to eventually migrate a datasource from flat to structured and opposite.

cells admin datasource migrate

This tool is a command-line, as the server must run in a particular state to allow this migration. Basically, all pydio.grpc.data.sync.* services associated with each datasource must be turned off during a migration operation. When using the command line, it will check against the service registry that the targeted sync service is not running.


It is better to not migrate data "in-place". For this reason, if a datasource "ds1" is stored in the bucket "bucket1" on the storage, you first have to create a new bucket "bucket2" where all data will be moved. Then, according to the new target format, the tool will move all files with correct renaming and eventually add or remove .pydio entries from the index.

After a successfull operation, the tool will upgrade the configuration file to point the datasource to the new bucket. Files and folders entries in the index are always left untouched. After a restart, the operation should be transparent.

Please note that this tool can be handy in the case of full uninstallation of Pydio Cells. Use it to transform a flat storage to a structured one before uninstalling Cells!

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