Working Directories

By default, application data is stored under the standard OS application dir:

OS Working Dir
Linux ${USER_HOME}/.config/pydio/cells
Darwin ${USER_HOME}/Library/Application Support/Pydio/cells
Windows ${USER_HOME}/ApplicationData/Roaming/Pydio/cells

You can customize the various storage locations with the following ENV variables:

Env Variable Description Default
$CELLS_WORKING_DIR replace the whole standard application dir OS Specific
$CELLS_DATA_DIR replace the location for storing default datasources $CELLS_WORKING_DIR/data
$CELLS_LOG_DIR replace the location for storing logs $CELLS_WORKING_DIR/logs
$CELLS_SERVICES_DIR replace location for services-specific data $CELLS_WORKING_DIR/services

When running in production mode, we generally advise to setup at least $CELLS_WORKING_DIR to a standard Linux layout folder, typically /var/cells.

More environment variables can be found inside the API documentation..

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