The Pydio Cells image for VMWare is based on Rocky Linux 9. It has been enriched with necessary third party software and pre-configured to provide an easy to run instance of the Cells server out of the box.
It is known to run in VSphere ecosystems and in standalone ESXi hosts.

Download the latest VMWare image. An MD5 file is also available at the same location for integrity verification.

Minimal VM Requirements

  • RAM : 4G
  • CPU : 2 vCores
  • CPU support: VT-x/AMD-V
  • NICs: bridged adaptor

Setup a VM

In this guide, we use the simple standalone ESXi web interface to launch a new virtual machine:

  • Log in your web interface
  • Go to the Virtual Machines section
  • Click on Create/Register VM

A creation wizard pops up.

  • In Select creation type, choose Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file
  • In second page, choose a name and upload both the *.ovf and the *-disk1.vmdk files
  • Choose correct network and disk provisioning
  • Click on Finish and wait until creation is complete
  • Start the virtual machine


We display the URL address of the installer when you start your VM. Check the console in the VirtualBox GUI.

A self-signed certificate is used by default, you have to explicitelly accept it in your browser.

Follow the steps of the wizard to finalize your setup. All parameters are set by default except the main administrator password. When it's done, the installer saves everything, starts the cells service and exits. It can take up to a minute.

At this step, you can log in the app with the credentials you have just defined and check everything is up and running.

Configuration Details

Predefined user accounts

If you need to log into the system, the ssh service is enabled on port 22 and following users have been created:

System users Password Comments
root cells -
sysadmin cells Has sudo rights without password
pydio cells Limited user that runs the app

To connect to the default cells database in MariaDB, you have these users:

MySQL users password
root cells
pydio@localhost cells

File Layout

  • /var/cells: Pydio Cells working directory. It contains business and technical data.
  • /opt/pydio: binaries and additional libraries required to run Cells.

Systemd service

cells service is running under pydio user. The service is enabled: it will automatically restart upon reboot.

Useful systemd commands, as sysadmin user:

# Manually restart the service
sudo systemctl restart cells
# See Pydio Cells logs
sudo journalctl -f -u cells -S -1h
# start/stop the database (MariaDB)
sudo systemctl start mariadb

Firewalld service

We recommand to use the provided appliance in your private network, behind enterprise grade firewall and reverse proxy. Thus, the firewall service in Cells appliance is disabled and stopped by default.

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