9 Ways Cells Helps Construction & Architecture Firms Stay on Schedule and on Budget

Created on 2022/10/04

If you work in construction management or architecture, you know that getting access to your working documentation out of the office and on the jobsite isn’t always simple. And you need this access to help fight schedule delays and budget overruns. Pydio Cells lets you take the office with you into the field. The platform provides a secure, compliant, flexible way to access, exchange and collaborate on even your largest CAD files, field reports, project management docs, specifications, RFIs, RFPs, etc, wherever you are.

Share Your Design, Planning and Production Docs Securely, Even On-Site

Pydio connects to all your document sources to provide a centralized and secure method of accessing and sharing design, production, sales and support documentation to your team, partners and even clients. Cells helps you break down barriers to communication and allows your people to work with partners, suppliers, subcontractors and clients wherever and whenever they need to. 

Here are a few key ways Cells is perfect for construction and architecture firms:

  • Jobsite document access - Pydio gives you fast, easy, secure access to even the largest formats anywhere you can connect to the internet via your mobile devices.

  • Large file capabilities - The construction and architecture sector is one of the few sectors that regularly needs to transfer, share and collaborate on truly large files (CAD and others). Pydio is one of the only platforms that supports very large file sizes (up to 5 terabytes, so basically unlimited).

  • Collaboration on the fly - With Cells, you define where documents are stored. You set the roles and responsibilities via our unique Workspace framework. And you set up role-based access controls to keep your documents safe while enabling appropriate sharing.

  • Powerful Workflow Automations - With Cells Flows, you can build workflow automations that will streamline complex project management and approval processes that involve multiple touchpoints, departments and outside stakeholders.

  • System Interoperability - Cells allows you to use webhooks to integrate with external systems and software using API connectors like Zappier and IFTT to do things like adding SMS alerts for time-sensitive project stages or approvals.

  • Full Mobile Access - The Cells Mobile App even gives your team the power to work on and share documents and files securely and privately on the go via their mobile devices. No more bulky printouts or time-consuming FTP downloads.

  • Data sovereignty - Cells are self-hosted, giving you control over where your data is stored and allowing your organization to respect any data sovereignty regulations or compliance requirements that affect your sector.

  • Data security and privacy - Cells is a security-first platform. With MFA and eight levels of access control, Cells will help you protect your IP, ensure privacy and avoid costly data breaches. 

  • Tracking and traceability - Cells’ rich metadata means you have full visibility on all documents, including how they are used, shared and modified.

  • Compliance Audits - Cells includes in-depth, flexible, easy-to-set-up audit creation tools to speed up compliance reporting for compliance manufacturing sectors. They can even be automated via Flows!

Share Without Limits with Cells

Pydio Cells balances useability and security to offer a platform that combines ease of use for end-users with advanced security and the visibility and control to support your privacy and compliance needs. Click here to read more about how Pydio can help construction and architecture firms.


Need to Balance Ease-of-Use with Security? Pydio Cells Can Help.

If your organization is serious about secure document sharing and collaboration you need to check out Pydio Cells. Cells was developed specifically to help enterprises balance the need to collaborate effectively with the need to keep data secure.

With robust admin controls, advanced automation capabilities, and a seamless, intuitive end-user experience Pydio is the right choice for organizations looking to balance performance and security without compromising on either. Try Cells live for yourself. Or click on the button below to talk to a Pydio document sharing specialist.