Setup WebDAV server access

WARNING This documentation is for Pydio 8 (PHP). Time to move to Pydio Cells!

Command-line version of the framework

It’s possible to launch the whole framework and execute the actions via the command line. This has interesting consequences :

  • Launch “asynchronous” tasks from the GUI : they are started on the server and do not need to keep a window open
  • Launch some administrative tasks from outside the web, e.g. via a CRON job..
  • On Linux, if permissions allow it, it can be possible to stop a process.

This is already implemented in two new features, (see further), and should be generalized wherever possible!

  • Http Downloader : ability to trigger a remote file download asynchronously, without to have to keep a browser window open.
  • Zend Indexation : index the whole content of a workspace asynchronously.

If you want to play with the command line, placed at the root of the installation, you can simply call something like :

php cmd.php -u=user -p=password -a=action -r=workspace_id --param1=value1 --param2=value2

Note the difference between simple-dash parameters and double-dash parameters : the latter ones are the parameters passed to the required “action”.

When launched from the web framework, an encrypted token is passed instead of the password.

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