Pydio 8 - Major Version

Created on 2017/05/15
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Old Release Note


Upgrading is done via the in-app upgrader or YUM on Centos7 systems. For in-app upgrade, if you don't see any available package, make sure that the update channel is set to "Stable".

[Upgrade Note] If you are using Linux Packages, starting with Pydio 8, you don't have to run SQL upgrade manually anymore. After disconnecting and reloading the page, you should be prompted with a Migration Screen that will allow you to automatically upgrade the database.

Full UI Rewrite

User interface has been entirely rewritten, providing cutting-edge design principles (Material Design, by Google) on top of cutting-edge technologies. It's the best UX we've done, ever, and it's strong, stable, laid on solid fundations.
Of course, this bold move allowed us to improve many features, some of them are described below.



Shares Tracking and Activity Reports

tracking link screen_2.jpgPublic links, that are by definition 'public', can now be personalized to track more finely who is accessing a link. Send invitation enabling the new tracking tool and each user will receive a slightly different link.
In their dashboard, users now have a way to easily summarize all their shared data, by workspace or share type. On the admin side, this share explorer allows for auditing the platform and easily finding mistakes or anomalies.




Efficient Address-book and Teams Management

The team concept of Pydio 7 has been deeply improved, allowing the users to easily manage their teams, share files or folder with them, and have the permissions updated automatically when team members are added or removed.
This is done through a brand new Address Book component, that gives access to the whole users directories.



Enriched Admin UX

Reaffirming Pydio's commitment to open source, we have brought back the Enterprise Distribution design for the admin dashboard in the Community edition. Pydio proves to be the most advanced open source solution for businesses and larger scale users.




Other bug fixes

Some specific commits are listed below

  • Crop filenames to max length in bytes (details)
  • Test creating virtual workspaces. Change isRemote() signature to take $url as parameter. (details)
  • Fix EncFS and caching issues (cherry picked from commit 980895f) (details)
  • Fix to HEAT #1824 - force download of vendor specific files (details)
  • Fix for HEAT #1871: ssl config for custom upload (details)
  • React upgrade Step 2: react 15 (details)
  • Added Italian translations for core.notification (details)
  • React 15 migration fixes MaterialUI legacy & recent now coexist in the application, start using new elements Start moving js out of the manifests (details)
  • Definitely remove jumploader, project is dead. (details)
  • Move old prototype-based Connexion class to window.fetch + polyfill. (details)
  • Remove sync calls (details)
  • BOLD MOVE: remove PrototypeJS !!! 10 YEARS OF GLORY !!! (details)
  • Moved last php-based compilation to grunt instead. Move html templates to top level (details)
  • Trusted Servers implementation by simply forwarding user_list_authorized_users to the remote server with valid credentials. (details)
  • Add a "TARGET_USERS" concept to public links, to pass an ID in the url and increment counters only for this target user. (details)
  • Replace hardcode "public" with PUBLIC_BASEURI (details)
  • Fixing System JS (details)
  • Change browserify options to use alias / external Use SystemJS instead of custom implementation for libraries dependencies. (details)
  • Fix error No repo found for user (details)
  • Fix error User not found when load shares (details)
  • Fix sync user from ldap in cli mode consumes ram (details)
  • For the moment, do not package access.mysql anymore (details)
  • Php 7.1 does not support &$this anymore (details)
  • Exec commands: break on error (details)
  • Translate to Spanish (details)
  • New photo were way-too-big... (details)
  • Added Copyrights header in source files (details)



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