cells admin user delete

Delete a user



Delete a user.

WARNING Policy checks are not yet implemented for the CLI. You might corrupt your existing user and group repository,
So please use with extra care. Also, remember that login are case sensitive.


$ ./cells admin user delete -u ''

./cells admin user delete [flags]


  -h, --help              help for delete
  -u, --username string   Login(s) of the group(s) or user(s) to delete

Options inherited from parent commands

      --advertise_address string     Default advertise address (default "")
      --broker string                Pub/sub service for events between services (default "grpc://:8030")
      --config string                Configuration storage URL. Supported schemes: etcd|etcd+tls|file|grpc|mem|vault|vaults (default "file:///home/teamcity/.config/pydio/cells/pydio.json")
      --discovery string             Registry and pub/sub (default "grpc://:8030")
      --grpc_client_timeout string   Default timeout for long-running GRPC calls, expressed as a golang duration (default "60m")
      --registry string              Registry used to contact services (default "grpc://:8030")


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