DELETE /a/user/{Login}

Delete a user

Path Parameters

  • Login (string, required) User login is used to connect, field is empty for groups

  • Uuid (string) User unique identifier.

  • GroupPath (string) Path to the parent group.

  • Password (string) Password can be passed to be updated (but never read back), field is empty for groups.

  • OldPassword (string) OldPassword must be set when a user updates her own password.

  • IsGroup (boolean) Whether this object is a group or a user.

  • GroupLabel (string) Label of the group, field is empty for users.

  • LastConnected (integer) Last successful connection timestamp.

  • PoliciesContextEditable (boolean) Context-resolved to quickly check if user is editable or not.

Response Example (200)

Response Type /definitions/restDeleteResponse

  "NumRows": "string",
  "Success": true
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