DELETE /a/workspace/{Slug}

Delete an existing workspace

Path Parameters

  • Slug (string, required) Slug is an url-compatible form of the workspace label, or can be freely modified (max length 500)

  • UUID (string) Unique identifier of the workspace.

  • Label (string) Label of the workspace (max length 500).

  • Description (string) Description of the workspace (max length 1000).

  • Scope (string) Scope can be ADMIN, ROOM (=CELL) or LINK.

  • LastUpdated (integer) Last modification time.

  • Attributes (string) JSON-encoded list of attributes.

  • RootUUIDs (array) Quick list of the RootNodes uuids.

  • PoliciesContextEditable (boolean) Context-resolved to quickly check if workspace is editable or not.

Response Example (200)

Response Type /definitions/restDeleteResponse

  "NumRows": "string",
  "Success": true
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